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Corporate Responsibility at Space Hellas 

ESG Report 2022

ESG Report 2021

EU Taxonomy Report 2022

Space Hellas operates in an ever-changing globalized environment and daily confronts challenges concerning both its efficiency and its status as an integral part of social and economic development. Aware of Corporate Social Responsibility issues, it operates responsibly towards people, society and the environment, voluntarily undertaking commitments that exceed the limits of common regulatory and contractual requirements, which are anyway respected.

Closely attached to the philosophy of Space Hellas is the active concern for people both on a business and social level.

Future-oriented, the company embraces diversity and promotes a sense of fair treatment in every possible way. At each step of its journey, it recognizes the contribution of all employees and with continuous and determined commitment, offers a safe working environment where solidarity and respect prevail. The high level of technological infrastructure offered to its partners, helps each employee make the most of their potential and talents, while providing Space Hellas with an important achievement. Training, as an integral part of Space Hellas' philosophy, is a constant priority.

As part of the social environment, Space Hellas recognizes its essential role in society and contributes to its overall development perspective. Responding sensitively to the respective needs, through the support of charity associations and public benefit organizations, it promotes culture and human value. Social responsibility is part of the corporate culture of Space Hellas and helps to deal with social problems.