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Data Solutions for Corporates

In the era of Digital Transformation, corporates face an increasing number of challenges as they try to stay focused on their key aspects of their main business. Data Communications is undoubtedly an important factor that contributes to the success of Digital Transformation. Space Hellas has developed a rich set of data solutions dedicated for Corporations that can help them cover their connectivity & IT needs.
Space Hellas Data Solutions for Corporates are:  

•    Ethernet Connectivity (L2) 
•    MPLS VPN (L3) 
•    DIA & Broadband 
•    SD-WAN 
•    Cloud Connectivity 


• Ethernet Connectivity

Ideal solution for enterprises or carriers, that need to connect customer locations together into a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Ethernet network. Space Hellas Ethernet Connectivity implements Carrier Ethernet technologies as described by MEF. Customers who want to build and have more control over their own network select Ethernet Connectivity solution.  

Space Hellas provides Ethernet Connectivity between any given point in EMEA region with dedicated bandwidth and end-to-end delivery.

Space Hellas Ethernet Connectivity key characteristics are:  

  • Wide coverage in EMEA region 
  • Fully protected with high availability options 
  • Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint
  • Scalable access rates up to 100Gbps   
  • Guaranteed SLA for delivery and service availability 
  • Performance monitoring on a 24x7x365 basis through our NOC/SOC 
  • Local loop provisioning supporting multiple access means 
  • VLAN transparency, VLAN translation 
  • Electrical or Optical interface 
  • Managed or Unmanaged CPE 
  • Monthly SLA reporting 
  • Possibility of support SD-WAN 


Space Hellas MPLS VPN solution is ideal for customers having sites in geographically distributed locations who need to create a virtual private network (VPN). MPLS VPN can be configured in either any-to-any or hub-and-spoke architecture according to customer needs. With MPLS technology, customer data flows though the VPN with preconfigured priorities based on their Class of Service (CoS). In this way, services like VOIP or Video Conferencing always get more priority than other type of data resulting in better user experience than common VPN networks.  

Based on innovative backbone architectures, top vendor core equipment and continuous monitoring by our NOC & SOC, Space Hellas MPLS VPN (L3) guarantees service reliability and robustness. 

The connections of Customer sites to MPLS VPN network may use any of the available local networks in their area. An unprecedented flexibility in terms of protection mechanism and access means.  

The key benefits of MPLS VPN are:  

  • Design, MPLS VPN can be designed taking into account all customer business requirements 
  • Scalability, customer sites can be added or upgraded easily 
  • Cost effective, a highly efficient solution for corporations who look to optimize costs
  • Security, all traffic pass through a private network, isolated by the Internet
  • Performance, customer’s selected application take priority
  • Support, Space Hellas 24x7 NOC & SOC guarantees that any technical issue will be resolved fast

• DIA & Broadband

Dedicated Internet Access is a high-speed Internet Access for businesses and organizations which need Internet connection for some of their business applications. The service is delivered at customer’s location and is fully managed by Space Hellas.  

DIA provides guaranteed Internet bandwidth at a wide range of speeds. The service is synchronous meaning same speed of uploading and downloading. DIA services are offered with backup options to cover every demanding customer need.  

For customers with less demanding requirements, Broadband is the ideal choice to have Internet Access at their premises. Broadband provides Internet access at lower bandwidth with lower costs. The bandwidth is asynchronous meaning higher download speed and lower upload speed. This service is used at customer sites that need basic Internet connection and may support limited number of users.  

Space Hellas DIA & Broadband offering provides the following key features to our customers:  

  • Global Reach in 135+ countries 
  • Multiple Access mediums: Copper, Fiber, Radio  
  • Single or Protected links 
  • Multiple Bandwidth options 
  • Bundled or Unbundled service offerings 
  • Strict and Flexible SLAs for every business need 
  • SD-WAN capability 


SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network. SD-WAN is set to bring evolution in Business Networks by building on top of the existing WAN technologies. SD-WAN takes all available connectivity options at customer’s site and uses them as a whole to route traffic towards rest customer sites, Public Cloud locations, DCs and other sites. SD-WAN dynamically selects the best route based on the type of data traffic (i.e. ERP data, Voice, Web), the destination and any other condition the customer may have set.

SD-WAN provides central management and great monitoring capabilities over all network elements. With SD-WAN, firewall rules can be applied automatically to all remote sites at a push of a button. This makes the network programmable and capable of responding to changing business needs. Old fashioned local hardware configuration is no longer needed, all network WAN equipment is centrally configured.

Despite the inherited value-added features, SD-WAN can help customers utilize their existing networks in a more efficient way. Therefore, SD-WAN helps customers minimize their WAN connectivity costs by using multiple cost-effective hybrid networks.  Furthermore, it can also provide ways to add resiliency to important sites by using multiple network providers. 

Space Hellas SD-WAN key benefits for corporates are:  

  • Compatibility with all existing WAN technologies  
  • Simplicity, easier network monitoring & management (Zero Touch Deployment) 
  • Agility, improved flexibility and rapid responses in network changes 
  • Performance, Improved Network Quality, Security and Safety
  • SLA on application level 
  • Cost optimization 
  • Managed or Unmanaged solutions

• Cloud Connectivity

In today’s digital economy, the role of Cloud computing has become more important than ever. Companies show an increasing interest in the use of Cloud services. Connection to the Cloud traditionally was built using IP tunnels over the Internet. Therefore, access to company’s data used to pass through the Internet.

Space Hellas provides a secure method to connect Customer sites with Public Clouds (like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud etc). This is done by establishing a direct private connection (L2 or L3) between Customer sites and Cloud Provider’s Datacenter. This is done over Space Hellas highly resilient network, which is designed to provide N+1 resiliency for hardware and fiber faults. With Space Hellas Cloud Connectivity, corporates have quick access to their Cloud infrastructure with maximum security and better performance due to controlled routing path.

Our Cloud Connectivity Solution can be integrated to existing MPLS VPN networks, therefore the Cloud would be accessible to all customer branches through the existing WAN network. In this kind of implementation, Customers can use secure access to their Cloud with minimum changes in their existing WAN network.

Cloud Connectivity can be further fine-tuned to support multiple Clouds over a single link. In this way, customers can use multiple Cloud services, or switch Cloud Providers with no connectivity changes. Customers who use multiple cloud providers for resiliency purposes have an extra reason to consider Space Hellas Cloud Connectivity.

The solution can be designed at customer’s site to be delivered using fiber or MW radio links (or both for higher availability).  

Cloud Connectivity Solution is offered with full integration services. Space Hellas highly experienced engineers provide full consultancy and technical support in every customer so that Cloud Connectivity can be successfully activated at their WAN routers. 

Space Hellas Cloud Connectivity solution provides the following benefits:

  • Security: access to Public Cloud Service Providers is more secure by using private network. Special encryption package available for more demanding security requirements. 
  • Performance: access to Public Cloud Service Providers has minimum latency which maximize network performance and user experience
  • Flexibility: Cloud Connectivity can be configured at customer’s special needs either as L2 or L3 service.
  • SLA: Service Performance is monitored, reported and guaranteed by strict SLA as per customer needs
  • Integration: Space Hellas delivers turn-key solutions by integrating Cloud Connectivity into customer’s existing network.


Data Solutions for Carriers

Space Hellas offers a bundle of optimized carrier data solutions designed to supply scalable connectivity, cost efficiency and value-added services. With a long history and experience in Carrier Data Services in combination with its outstanding customer experience, Space Hellas has developed the following solutions for Global Carriers.  

•    Capacity Solutions (Ethernet, SDH, MPLS)   
•    Telecom Outsourcing Solutions 
•    Colocation Solutions 
•    CPE & Customer Support


• Capacity Solutions (Ethernet, SDH, MPLS)

Our Capacity Data Services offer reliable and robust connectivity in the EMEA region. The solutions are carefully designed to support the highest standards that are required by the fast moving industry of Global Carriers.   

Space Hellas is committed to provide great customer experience with all the value added services that can guarantee a successful cooperation.  

Our services are delivered either as Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint architecture according to customer needs.

Space Hellas Capacity Solutions have the following key characteristics    

  • Scalable access rates up to 100Gbps 
  • POPs or Interconnection Capabilities in major DC and Exchanges in EMEA region  
  • Multiple Transport Technologies 
  • Layer-2 or Layer-3 connectivity
  • Multiple Protection options
  • Guaranteed SLA for delivery and service availability 
  • Performance monitoring on a 24x7x365 basis through our NOC/SOC 
  • Multiple Local loop technologies


• Telecom Outsourcing Solutions

Space Hellas offers to its Global Customers the ability to fully or partly outsource their operations or  activities in any country that Space Hellas is present. As part of the outsourcing process, Space Hellas takes over the agreed activities on behalf of its Global customer. 

Through this solution, Global Carriers find at Space Hellas a partner who will take over Presales Support, Service Delivery, Service Assurance, Technical Support, Local Billing in countries where they don’t have local presence or previous experience.  With our Telecom Outsourcing solution, our Global Customers enjoy:  

  • Fast country deployment 
  • Centralized Agreement and SLA management  
  • Same Operational Procedure for multiple countries  
  • One stop shop experience 
  • Centralized Billing 
  • Cost optimization 
  • Value Added Services covering the whole ICT area

• Colocation Solutions

With an excellent track record, Space Hellas offers colocation services in the most advanced Datacenters in EMEA region.

Space Hellas can service any customer need and can offer colocation space in various options. There are options for cabinets, cages or even suits with predefined or consumption based power.

Space Hellas collocation services offer the following characteristics:  

  • Various space options
  • N+1 Electrical supply system supported by backup generators and UPS
  • Cooling System
  • Security and Access Control 
  • Monitored Power consumption and PDU management
  • Remote Monitoring   
  • Interconnection Services/ Cabling 
  • Fire protection systems  
  • 24x7 Technical Support 
  • SLA
  • Carrier Neutrality
  • Office space to accommodate Business Continuity Plan 


• CPE & Customer Support

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) forms an integral part of every telecom service holding the demarcation point of an Global Carrier and its Customer. Global Carriers do not have to worry about in country procurement, configuration, implementation, management and maintenance of CPEs. 

Space Hellas, with its 35 years of experience in the field of ICT, provides the option to have CPE as a service. As part of this solution, Space Hellas delivers, installs and maintains the CPE at customer’s location and provides various options for monitoring & remote management.  

Space Hellas CPE service allows Global Carriers to extend their coverage in countries where they have no local presence.

A single point of contact for all support can greatly minimize turnaround times in customer related troubles with an immediate effect in customer satisfaction.  

Space Hellas customer centric approach with its highly experienced engineers ensure proper support and excellent customer experience.  

Space Hellas CPE & Customer support have the following key features:  

  • Easy ordering – Quick Delivery   
  • SLA 
  • Managed or Unmanaged CPE options 
  • Leasing or Purchase plans 
  • Many support options per customer needs
  • Multiple Supported Vendors 
  • Project Management for ensuring smoother new deliveries or migrations  
  • Detailed Reporting 



The recent technology advancements in IT and Telecommunications have given to Organizations and Enterprises the tools they need to improve their day-to-day activities and operations and take advantage of the Digital Transformation wave. 

However, the variety of options has created a challenge for customers who are expected to make the best choice that would cover their needs.  For this purpose, Space Hellas has developed a series of Telecom solutions & services, which focus on both Global Carriers and Enterprises in the EMEA region. These solutions and services have been designed to cover all the needs that a modern Global Carrier or Enterprise may have, providing the highest quality standards. 

Space Hellas, with its exceptional technical expertise, analyzes the customer’s needs, and designs solutions which help the customer take advantage of all possibilities and benefit from IT and Telecom networks. The Telecom solutions are divided in two main categories based on their target audience. In this way, we can support Global Carriers and their customers as well as Enterprises and organizations that need integrated services. 

Space Hellas always puts customer in the center and tries to consistently provide great customer experience by meeting all customer requirements and targets. As a result, Space Hellas builds long-term relationships with its customers who feel confident to select our company for current and future needs.

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