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Apply to the SPACE HELLAS Strategic Business Scholarship Programs

About the Scholarship

Space Hellas establishes the annual «Dimitris Manolopoulos» Honorary Scholarship wanting to honor the memory of its visionary and founder, Dimitris Manolopoulos and at the same time giving to new scientists the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions in the area of technology. In this way, it declares in practice its support to young people who wish to continue their studies in postgraduate level and evolve through research and innovation, emphasizing in computer science,communication networks, cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Those who wish to apply to receive one of the two (2) scholarships must meet all the following requirements:

1. Have a degree from public higher education establishments in Greece or equivalent/higher education establishments abroad.

2. Have successfully enrolled in postgraduate programs of Greek Universities in the field of information and communication technologies and preferably with specialization in communication networks, cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI).

3. Be up to 26 years old.

4. The grade point average of their undergraduate degree should be at least 6.5+.

5. They can’t have first degree relatives who are employees or members of the Board of Directors of SPACE HELLAS.

6. Submit electronically the relevant application and the necessary supporting documents, in accordance with the procedure provided in these Terms and Conditions, no later than the deadline and time of the exclusive deadline mentioned below.

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Requirements to apply

  • Police Identity Card or Passport

  • Diploma or certificate of completion of studies and analytical scores.

  • A statement of purpose (up to 500 words) in which the candidate will evaluate his / her academic course so far, will state the reasons why he / she chose the specific postgraduate program compared to other corresponding ones in Greece or abroad, as well as how this choice is related to his future plans and aspirations (to be completed in the electronic system)

  • Passport / Police identity photograph

  • Certificate of enrollment of the candidate from the postgraduate program for which a scholarship is requested

  • Curriculum or regulations of the postgraduate program for which the candidate is applying for a scholarship

  • Complete tax return of the last two (2) years for the family and individual income of the candidate and the corresponding clearing notes. In addition, a short text (up to 200 words) on the financial situation of the candidate and how he has planned to cover the cost of his studies (to be completed in the electronic system).

  • A sworn declaration by the candidate that he / she does not receive any other scholarship from any organization / entity.

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