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Culture & Education

Civilization and culture is a major asset for modern societies, especially for countries like Greece, with great history and long tradition.
The uses of technology open new windows by transforming a legacy cultural experience to a new era of museums and parks.

A new project can contain:

  • The implementation of a new digital museum with:
  • video projections (even stereoscopic 3D), 
  • interactive applications
  • digital representations in holograms
  • virtual reality. 

It is also possible to upgrade of an existing museum with digital exhibits, digital signage and guided tour systems. 

A digital museum makes uses of the following technologies:

  • 3D stereoscopic projections. This is a top technology in projection nowadays and widely used in Cinema the past years. Using it for videos in a museum enhances the presentation of archeological sites, monuments and other exhibits and upgrades the visitors experience. The solutions consist of a digital 3D projector, 3D glasses, projection screen, media player and audio system. 
  • Interactive projection, a touch controlled application which consists of a short throw projector, a special multi touch projection surface and the interactive software. The visitor can interact with the projected objects using touch, can navigate through digitized monuments and handle the provided information by himself. 
  • Interactive table, a tool for presentation, education and entertainment which will become a digital attraction of the museum for both kids and adults. It can be a stand alone theme / exhibit or an information point.
  • Holographic monitor, a new technology for projection in glass or foil which uses technics for transforming video into an hologram.
  • Virtual reality offers to the visitors of the Museum a unique experience as it gives the feeling  that they are physically present in an archeological place or inside a monument.
  • Guided tour systems.
  • Web Apps and social media.

Space Hellas implemented successfully:

  • The Andros island digital museum.
  • The Anogia (Crete) Digital Archaeological Information Center.
  • The Digital Museum of Zakros (Crete)
  • The Sitia (Crete) city museum.
  • The Ierapetra (Crete) city museum.
  • The Digital Network of Archeological Sites in Argolida Area.
  • The Fort Lisse  Digital Park and Museum, Kato Nevrokopi
  • Digital Theme Park 1821

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