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NOC and Managed Services

Part of the Service Desk function is our NOC and Managed Services team, fully equipped with high-tech tools for monitoring and support (Cisco Prime, Cisco Call Manager, HP NNMi, Space Hellas .Pulse, Solarwinds and more). 
This 24x7x365 service, offers a proactive approach to maintenance resulting in increased efficiency and reliability, adding value to our customers’ business. It enhances quality, performance and availability and helps prevent service and business affecting downtime. 

Skilled engineers with individual roles according to their technical specialties, provide proactive and reactive support depending on our customers’ needs and contractual obligations. 

With proactive support, events are monitored in real-time and possible issues are diagnosed and generate a response and actions from our engineers, preventing an incident or service disruption from happening.
Services are monitored using different management tools (network or other) and a set of immediate actions is initiated with each automated alert generated by an event, incident or problem. 

Using Space Hellas as your managed service provider adds value to your service. Actions and solutions are initiated before events and incidents can develop into serious risks.


Security Management and Monitoring

Using this component, Space Hellas will monitor and correlate log and event information coming from security systems. This process can produce viable results and comprehensive reports for the security status of the organization. Space Hellas administers the security stature of each system, for example incidents, alerts and logs, offering a proactive defense against threats.

This serviced is based on the Space Hellas SoC that meets top industry standards and is equipped and staffed with the best technology and skill.

Threat Hunting & Incident Response

Space Hellas provides a SoC team of specialized and certified Security Analysts, who staff the Security Operation Center and constantly monitor customer resources and maintain visibility on the global threat landscape. The SoC team will use the above component to deliver the service of early warning and response against cyber-security threats and attacks.

This serviced is based on the Space Hellas SoC that meets top industry standards and is equipped and staffed with the best technology and skill.


Vulnerability Management

Space Hellas can provide a vulnerability management component that dynamically discovers the complete attack surface and finds vulnerabilities that are missing today. 

This component is a continuous cybersecurity process that includes identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting software and network vulnerabilities, including monitoring, reporting and responding to vulnerabilities according to all top standards.

User, Network and Entity Behavioral Analytics

This component is a machine learning driven solution that will help the organization find hidden threats and anomalous behavior across users, devices, and applications. Its data science driven approach produces actionable results with risk ratings and supporting evidence will augmenting Space Hellas’ SOC analysts’ existing techniques. In addition, it provides visual pivot points for the Threat Hunting component to proactively investigate anomalous behavior.

It is accomplished by gathering insight into the network events that users generate every day. Once collected and analyzed, it can be used to detect the use of compromised credentials, lateral movement, and other malicious behavior. In summary, these other types of behavior analytics deviate from traditional consumer behavioral analytics to focus on the behavior of systems and the user accounts on them.

Space Hellas will integrate the UENBA component with the Security Management and Monitoring service and will use its context to provide intelligent Incident Response.



It is a global trend for companies to outsource the operation of non-strategic or highly specialized operations to their partner. The partner makes the necessary investments CAPEX & OPEX and charges the customer a monthly cost. This category is the Managed Services.
Each customer is unique with special and specific needs that can be met within a comprehensive service plan. Monitoring and measuring the performance of the services provided is an integral part of the daily operation of the customer. It is the only way to determine whether the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) is adhered to, which describes in detail the level of quality and responsiveness to the services provided.
Space Hellas, following the international market trends and the international standards, continuously improves the provision of services to its customers, providing Managed Services. According to the Yankee Group, the market for Managed Services is estimated to grow by 20% each year.
For the provision of Managed Services, Space Hellas uses equipment of the leading manufacturers and tools of state of –the –art technology. Through them can be performed from simple Monitoring of the customer infrastructure up to full network management IT infrastructure, IP telephony, full call center management as well as integration of the whole environment, depending on the requirements and needs of each customer worldwide. These services include proactive and reactive support, incident management, problem management, change management, performance management, security management and are performed either remotely or on-site by specialized and certified staff. In each sector, the appropriate reporting is provided which is used in the daily work and monitoring of SLAs.

All actions are governed by the Continuous Improvement process, which is based on both the utilization of KPIs output from the systems and the evaluation of the results derived from the measurement of customer satisfaction.
The infrastructure of Space Hellas is organized and structured in such a way as to provide a reliable and fully secured environment for the provision of Managed Services to customers.

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