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Migration to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the leading global public cloud offering on the market today. The ever expanding set of infrastructure and platform services that integrate with your current workload makes Microsoft Azure the obvious choice for most businesses. If you are running Windows, Microsoft SQL Server or even Open Source Linux workloads on-premises today, we can help you migrate to Microsoft Azure so that you can start benefiting from the scale, security, and technological advances available. Space Hellas,  offers the full spectrum of cloud services that can help navigate cloud landscape, public or hybrid. Beginning with Cloud Strategy, Planning, Migration and finally Governance, Management & Optimization.

Space Hellas  delivers Microsoft Azure cloud services that set you on the right path. Whether you’re looking to create a multi-cloud strategy to diversify your cloud environment or only need one platform, we devise a strategy that is most suitable for your business. You choose the cloud deployment scenario that is right for you — be it a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Our methodology

Our team have a wealth of experience around migrating, optimising and innovating on Microsoft Azure. We have developed a methodology to ensure quick and successful migrations into Microsoft’s cloud offering. We have taken the very best of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and applied our knowledge and experience to assist our clients.

When coming to moving Microsoft servers to the cloud, Space Hellas' comprehensive cloud migration framework brings industrialized capabilities together with pre-configured migration-specific tools, methods, and automation across all cloud models and delivery methods (IaaS and PaaS) for hosting Windows and SQL Servers on Azure.

This migration framework consists of 3 phases with a minimum overall duration of one month for all of them: 1. Discovery and Analysis 2. Migration Execution and Management 3. Release Workloads

This method can guarantee a successful cloud adoption result and can be adopted for either a small business IT footprint or a large enterprise IT environment.

Space Hellas can also help you with Application Modernization and Data migration—ensuring compatibility with existing tools, seamless migration, and lower operational costs

Our prescriptive advice, resources, and tools.

  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Up to date Offers and incentives
  • Technical skill building (Ensure organisational readiness)
  • Infrastructure & Data foundations (Design/Build out of “landing zone” based on best practices & built-in Azure services)
  • Migration Planning and Execution

Our Solutions

Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Azure in 4 Weeks

Modernize SQL with Azure: 1-month Implementation

Case Studies

Philosofish, EKPA, CTC, MITA

Microsoft CSP

Space Hellas is a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) of Microsoft. That means you can buy Azure subscriptions directly from us and take advantage of our additional bundled services at no additional costs and unique product offering like Azure CSP Credits. These include:

  • Subscription provisioning & Service Management
  • Security & Governance Best Practices
  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Flexible Billing and Cost Optimization
    • Comprehensive Spend  Management via Space Hellas’ Splunk Billing platform
    • Control & drill down in your cloud spending
    • Monthly consolidated billing
    • Customized billing terms
  • 24×7 Multi-tier Support and access to Premier Support Tools from Microsoft

Microsoft are increasingly encouraging organisations to purchase Azure consumption via a CSP contract instead of the more traditional Enterprise Agreement route, and we would always recommend CSP and our unique prepayment (Azure CSP Credits). We enable customers to move from legacy direct EA/OVS to the new commerce experience in CSP.

  • Providing invitation for direct EA customer to the new commerce experience in CSP for Azure
  • Customer decision & acceptance initiate the transition
  • Azure subscriptions moving to the new Azure experience in CSP

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Cloud Connectivity

In today’s digital economy, the role of Cloud computing has become more important than ever. Companies show an increasing interest in the use of Cloud services. Connection to the Cloud traditionally was built using IP tunnels over the Internet. Therefore, access to company’s data used to pass through the Internet.

Space Hellas provides a secure method to connect Customer sites with Public Clouds (like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud etc). This is done by establishing a direct private connection (L2 or L3) between Customer sites and Cloud Provider’s Datacenter. This is done over Space Hellas highly resilient network, which is designed to provide N+1 resiliency for hardware and fiber faults. With Space Hellas Cloud Connectivity, corporates have quick access to their Cloud infrastructure with maximum security and better performance due to controlled routing path.

Our Cloud Connectivity Solution can be integrated to existing MPLS VPN networks, therefore the Cloud would be accessible to all customer branches through the existing WAN network. In this kind of implementation, Customers can use secure access to their Cloud with minimum changes in their existing WAN network. 
Cloud Connectivity can be further fine-tuned to support multiple Clouds over a single link. In this way, customers can use multiple Cloud services, or switch Cloud Providers with no connectivity changes. Customers who use multiple cloud providers for resiliency purposes have an extra reason to consider Space Hellas Cloud Connectivity.

The solution can be designed at customer’s site to be delivered using fiber or MW radio links (or both for higher availability).  
Cloud Connectivity Solution is offered with full integration services. Space Hellas highly experienced engineers provide full consultancy and technical support in every customer so that Cloud Connectivity can be successfully activated at their WAN routers.  

Space Hellas Cloud Connectivity solution provides the following benefits:
•    Security: access to Public Cloud Service Providers is more secure by using private network. Special encryption package available for more demanding security requirements.
•    Performance: access to Public Cloud Service Providers has minimum latency which maximize network performance and user experience
•    Flexibility: Cloud Connectivity can be configured at customer’s special needs either as L2 or L3 service.
•    SLA: Service Performance is monitored, reported and guaranteed by strict SLA as per customer needs
Integration: Space Hellas delivers turn-key solutions by integrating Cloud Connectivity into customer’s existing network.


Space Managed Express Route Service


Cloud Managed Services

Space Hellas Managed Services and Solutions provide you with the support you need when moving to the Cloud. We offer a range of services designed to either support your existing teams or to provide your organisation with a fully inclusive service.

Space Hellas’s Managed Service Solution allows you to improve the stability, reliability and availability of your IT infrastructure and application services while constantly improving on performance levels and management of your IT investment.

Comprehensive range of services

Our Managed Services include a comprehensive range of Microsoft and non-Microsoft services, including the Microsoft Cloud Platform, Hybrid Cloud and DevOps practices.

Flexible support models

Our Managed Service and support services provide a wide range of flexible support models designed to complement or potentially replace elements of an organisation’s internal resource capability and capacity.

We provide flexible support options covering a range of individual infrastructure elements, platforms and services, through to complete Service Management solutions, providing 1st, 2nd line support and ITSM tools and related capabilities such as comprehensive monitoring solutions complemented by a Premier Support contract from Microsoft.

Flexible billing options

We are a Cloud Solution Provider and at the heart of our Managed Services is flexible billing, a discounted price options capability and enhanced Managed Services options.

Our Solutions:

Space Azure Lighthouse

Space Hybrid Managed Services - Arc

Space BCDR with Azure in 4 weeks

Space Managed Express Route Service

Our Support Page:

Cloud Managed Services Support Page

Case Studies:

Philoosfish, CTC

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is the latest Azure virtual desktop experience from Microsoft. It enables an organisation to experience its office environment from anywhere in the world with access on any device. It is a cloud based managed service, which can offer Windows 10 desktops and remote-apps. Microsoft controls and maintain the infrastructure layer so that a customer only need to think about user data and programs with the support of  Space Hellas.

Make Azure Virtual Desktop a reality for your business

As one of the first Microsoft partners to implement Azure Virtual Desktop in Greece, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes adopt the power of Virtual Desktops on Azure. Our solutions take care of your entire project, minimising business impact and deploying a secure environment aligned to Microsoft best practices.

Our Solutions:

SPACE Managed Windows Virtual Desktop – WVD

Case Studies:



Linux and Open Source Databases

Approximately 50% of the new VMs running in Azure are running Linux. Linux workloads are becoming progressively popular for enterprise workloads and this number is expected to rise. This surge is driving the requirement for comprehensive support of Linux in all cloud environments, including Azure.

Space Hellas can help you to migrate your Linux and Open Source DB environment to public cloud and increase operational flexibility and scalability in the most cost-efficient manner. At Space Hellas we help you to make this transition seamless and easy as possible and to help you identify the right Solution from Azure’s most common distros and databases to better support your business requirements and improve your end customers experience. Our core focus areas include data center migration, application and data modernization, and business continuity.

Microsoft Azure's official migration tool helps to migrate Linux workloads, including open source services to Azure cloud using a lift-and-shift approach, or rehost strategy. The migration service supports many leading Linux distributions like RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian and provides a comprehensive approach to migrate your application and server state to Azure’s virtual machines, app and database service. By providing accurate discovery and assessment alongside end-to-end visibility into migration status, Azure migration service ensures that the process is handled in the most cost-efficient way, thanks to its cost optimization features and tools.


Migrate Servers to Azure 1 Month Implementation

Case Studies:

WebIQ, Enthalpy, MITA

Hybrid Cloud

Leveraging Azure Stack, Space Hellas brings the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments. Organizations can now build modern applications across hybrid cloud environments, balancing the right amount of flexibility and control.  Azure Stack delivers a truly consistent hybrid cloud platform that provides business-critical capabilities to your organization through a streamlined process, and allows you to get up and running quickly with integrated systems.

Case Studies:


Azure CSP Credits

Purchasing Microsoft Azure is as easy as it is to use. Now you can buy Azure or any other Microsoft Cloud Service through Azure CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Credits.

Azure CSP Credits are pre-paid funds offered exclusively by Space Hellas that can be used to purchase any Microsoft Cloud Service (Azure, M365, Marketpalce), license subscriptions or even perpetual licenses and redeemed by customers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Azure CSP Credits provide customers with the flexibility to pay for Microsoft Cloud services upfront at a discounted rate. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that have varying usage needs over time or are looking looing for a simple, flexible way to purchase cloud services.

The value of each credit is 84.33€ and can be consumed based on the  Online MOSP Microsoft Pricelist lists at a discounted rate.  All the benefits and discounts offered by Microsoft in the CSP program such as Hybrid Use benefits, Reserved Instances or Student Benefits are available.

Overall, Azure CSP Credits provide customers with an easy and flexible way to pay for Azure cloud services through a trusted partner, with the added benefit of support and guidance from a trusted partner like Space Hellas.

Calculate your CSP Azure Credits here or Contact Us to help you (email: 

Customer that use Azure CSP Credits

Space Managed VMware Horizon

Cloud means many things to organizations, ranging from simply extending current operations and platforms to the cloud, to a full-on managed service like Desktop-as-a-Service. Accelerating the delivery of services and unlocking new use cases allow organizations to respond to market disruption and business change focusing on their business priorities.

VMware Horizon® is one of these solutions which enables a digital workspace with the efficient delivery of virtual desktops and applications and an unmatched end-user experience, keeping employees securely connected to corporate resources wherever they work and on any device. VMware Horizon also offers hybrid cloud delivery and Desktop-as-a-Service capabilities, both of which include common management and monitoring services as the backbone of an overall cloud-ready foundation.

Build resiliency with an agile cloud-based infrastructure

VMware Horizon® is a scalable and flexible platform delivering modern cloud management services to optimize on-premises and cloud-hosted desktops and apps. As business requirements change, Horizon can leverage the cloud to unlock key use cases, such as disaster recovery, data center expansion, and app colocation while easing management requirements through the use of hosted cloud services or even DaaS.

Make VMware Horizon a reality for your business

Space Hellas has helped organizations to adopt the power of Virtual Desktops based on VMware Horizon, taking care of the entire project, minimizing business impact and deploying a secure environment aligned to VMware best practices.

To successfully deliver benefits to the customer, projects are implemented using the following phases:

  • Initiate phase- specifying the goals and objectives to be addressed and identify the high-level risks and timelines associated with the goals.
  • Plan phase – engagement team will lead project sponsors, review expectations about the purpose of the engagement, the delivery approach, and timelines, the amount of time and effort required from the participants, expected schedule, activities and work products.
  • Assess phase - aims to identify the current state and determine the target state from a conceptual level perspective. This phase aims to define the customer use cases.
  • Design phase - the deliverable of this phase is the Solution Design document.
  • Implement phase - includes the deployment of technology or process change based on the respective components prescribed design.
  • Knowledge Transfer - this phase assists the customer with understanding the solution as a whole; this involves multiple knowledge transfer workshops and partitioned content or a single workshop and content.
  • Adopt phase- assists the customer with how to use the solution implemented, it follows the approach of see one, do one and teach one.
  • Close phase - The project review and conclusion activities include final presentation that summarizes the engagement activities performed for the resulting solution.

Space Hellas through this managed service can proactively monitor performance, security, cost and compliance of your Horizon environment in AWS, including logging incidents with Space Hellas NOC and SoC Service Desks.

Space Hellas a Gold Cloud First System Integrator, AWS Select partner, is well positioned and skilled to provide you with premium Managed Horizon services.

Our Managed Services include:

  • End-to-end design
  • Configuration / Integration / Migration
  • Performance & Alert Management
  • Continuous Metering & Monitoring
  • Regular Service Advisory & Reporting
  • 24x7 Incident Management- Space Hellas Service Desk


Space Hellas is an internationally recognized leading Cloud First System Integrator focused on helping customers accelerate their digital transformation journey with exceptional growth the last few years in both Consumed and Billed Cloud Revenue. Space Hellas has transformed from a traditional system integrator to a highly impactful Multi Cloud Systems Integrator and Managed Cloud Services provider with interdisciplinary technological depth with transformation capabilities. Space Hellas benefits from the strategic collaboration with Global Cloud Providers like Microsoft, initiatives like “GR for Growth”  and partnerships with Global SaaS providers like Oracle, SAP, Service Now and Splunk. Space Hellas covers the full cycle of Cloud adoption stages, starting with setting long-term business goals, provides consultancy, migration and modernization of resources through Cloud IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Solutions combined with cybersecurity, advanced networking telecommunication (ExpressRoute, Fast Connect) and Billing Services. Space Hellas specializes in Cloud assessments, migrations, modernization, data, and analytic Space Hellas ensures excellence in public Cloud management and service provisioning with an outstanding investment focus in research and development and inhouse development for Billing Services.

We believe in continuously adding value. From the onboarding phase to ongoing consulting and management support, we help you use a variety of services and complex cloud solutions to help you get the most out of the cloud.

Proud of our Partners