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Cyber Red Team Engagement

Space Hellas’s offensive team will be authorized and organized to emulate a potential adversary’s attack or exploitation capabilities against the organization’s security posture. The Red Team’s objective is to improve enterprise cybersecurity by demonstrating the impacts of successful attacks and by demonstrating what works for the defenders (the Blue Team) in the IT operational environment of the client.

Penetration Testing (External, Internal, Wireless, IoT)

This service identifies security gaps in an IT infrastructure by analyzing IT resources and simulating cyber-attacks. It utilizes vulnerability assessment and determines if those vulnerabilities can be exploited. Space Hellas can test externally or internally with on-site presence, can include operating systems, services, local & cloud applications, wired & wireless networks and IoT devices. Space Hellas can offer a point-in-time test or establish a service in a pre-defined schedule.

Vulnerability Assessment

Space Hellas can provide a vulnerability assessment service that dynamically discovers the complete attack surface and finds vulnerabilities that are missing today. It will provide threat exposure intelligence by determining current vulnerabilities. It will help to contextualize the risks and get a true picture of them as they align to modern digital business. Space Hellas can offer a point-in-time test or establish a service in a pre-defined schedule.

Phishing Readiness Audit and Security Awareness

Space Hellas can stage and execute a custom campaign based on e-mail or alternative social media channels in order to test the security awareness of personnel and assess the Social Engineer vulnerability aspect of the organization. After that, it can offer tailored Security Awareness training for all personnel.

Network Mapping & Analysis

Not having a clear image of the network and its components creates issues for the enterprise, in order to maintain and operate the network infrastructure. The Network Mapping and Analysis service provide an insight of the complete infrastructure and its status. 

More specifically, it includes:

  • A complete map of network devices, with useful information about its obsolescence status
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 diagrams with information about networks, subnets and device configuration
  • A deep analysis on the issues of the infrastructure and recommendations for remediation
  • Proposals for improvements and optimization in the architecture, equipment and configuration of technologies 

WLAN Site Readiness Assessment

The design and deployment of a WiFi network is not a trivial task and if not performed correctly, it can lead to network issues, such as poor performance and coverage, device roaming and high interference.

WLAN Site Readiness Assessment is a WiFi Network Design service which uses professional tools in order to simulate the coverage and performance of a WiFi network, based on its components and the area to be covered. It can combine data from simulations and actual measurements, so as to provide the most accurate results for the exact number of WiFi Access Points needed for optimal performance. It can also detect and correct interference issues, deriving from poor network configuration in wireless channels.

Cyber Security Audit, Consulting and Roadmapping

Space Hellas uses a comprehensive Security Framework that includes technologies and processes. This framework is adjusted to each organization according to a Security Capability Index in order to produce the current and future posture of the organization. This phased approach clearly provides all next steps towards a more secure business.
Furthermore, Space Hellas will provide consulting on the analysis in order to drive the organization to remediate vulnerabilities and threats. Specifically:
•    Catalogue resources and services: List deployed services and itemize resources in order to be used effectively on next steps.
•    Analyze service dependencies: Discover service chains and inter-communication that need to be taken into account.
•    Evaluate service importance and assign risk cost: Work with key persons inside the organization and provide insight on risk.
•    Determine Security Capability Index: Present the organization security posture that will include current and future technologies and processes that have to be integrated in order to upgrade the security status of the organization, leading to a comprehensive Information Security Roadmap
•    Provide mitigation actions: State a list of actions that are required in order to mitigate and eliminate vulnerabilities in order of severity. Space Hellas can further provide an expert security technical team to help the organization execute these actions, but this service is not included in the analysis service.
•    Propose architectural changes to achieve a secure infrastructure: Leverage experience and know-how and use all above input to formalize a plan of changes in technology and processes.


Compliance Audit and Remediation

The compliance cyber security audit is to provide the organization with technical evaluation of the effectiveness of cyber defense, with a focus on the most fundamental and valuable actions that each organization should take. It is based on specific standards and Space Hellas can audit based on one or several of the following:
•    Critical Security Controls (CIS)
•    Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG)
•    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
•    Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX)
•    SANS Information Security Policy
•    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
•    Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
The audit/assurance review will rely upon technical elements and Space Hellas will not provide a compliance body certification. 


Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to a cybersecurity incident.  Space Hellas utilizes expertise and specialized tools to provide on demand digital forensic services remotely or on-site. A digital forensic analyst can collect and analyze digital artifacts concerning a cyber-attack and provide a detailed report based on evidence available and current technology constrains.

OS & Service Hardening

Space Hellas can provide consulting and implementation services ad-hoc in order to execute all vendor-provided guidelines to harden operating systems and services. Space Hellas provides added value by contributing field expertise and real-world experience and providing a technical report with the implemented steps.

Professional Services

In a world where technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, every company - business needs a partner rely on and trust to him the smooth and secure operation of its network infrastructure.
Evolving like Cloud, Software Defined Networking , IoT and many more, completely change the telecommunications landscape and introduce features that should be used to their full extent. At the same time, they introduce additional requirements and complexity in their management procedure and thus require specialized technical staff. The company needs a reliable partner to undertake and solve all the difficulties and help the company to take the next step in its Digital Transformation journey.
This partner should be able to respond to very demanding situations and always be available, close to the company with all its strengths and skills and a set of benefits - services well designed and tailored to the customer.
A very important category of these services is Professional Services.
As Professional Services we define those services that require high training and specialization in order to be offered in an effective way. Space Hellas invests heavily in high quality training so as to ensure the highest level of both knowledge and certification, something which is necessary to formally demonstrate the specialization level. At the same time, it is paramount to have the appropriate experience and know-how to provide these important services.
These services ensure that an infrastructure is properly designed and always in accordance with global standards and covers the specifics needs of each customer. High and / or Low Level Design ( HLD/LLD ), as well as detailed collection and analysis of information lead safely to the optimal solution.
In terms of implementation, the well-trained staff of Space Hellas by the vendor himself, but also the many years of experience of our company in advanced technology projects, are the two major keys features to ensure success.
The range of services can be extended from planning and strategy to implementation, proper integration and integration, training and may include ongoing monitoring and support.
In other words, it is an evolutionary process that enables every business part to move forward with firm and decisive steps.
At Space Hellas, we believe that a good network infrastructure is a, ideal business tool, something that is more important today than ever before, as Digital Transformation is something inevitable.
A business tool that only a reliable and strong partner like Space Hellas can design and implement successfully.

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