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Honorary distinction of SPACE HELLAS at the “2023 WITSA Global Innovation & Tech Excellence Awards”

Space Hellas was awarded at WITSA 2023 as Merit Winner in the category "Sustainable Growth/Circular Economy Award, Private Sector/NGO" for the “Installation of Weather Stations & Infrastructure Development of the National Meteorological Service Portal” project, as part of the World Informatics Conference “WCIT 2023”, in Kuching, Malaysia, on Thursday 5 October.

The project concerns the upgrading of the Network of Weather Stations of the National Meteorological Service with the supply, installation and operation of a total of one hundred and three systems of five different types, the upgrade of the central IT and telecommunications system, as well as the hardware and software infrastructure for production and distribution through Internet (Portal) of data from surface stations, meteorological forecasts, climate products, etc. to anyone interested in meeting the needs of the National Meteorological Service (EMY). The aim of the project is to provide integrated, meteorological information to critical productive and development sectors, to public bodies, to educational and research institutions, as well as to the common citizen, in a friendly way through the internet or other modern sources of information. 

The CEO of Space Hellas, Dr. Ioannis Mertzanis, stated:
“We are happy that once again our company was distinguished by the Global Association of Technology Innovation and Services. Our distinction as a Merit Winner of the 2023 WITSA Global Innovation & Tech Excellence Awards, in the category “Sustainable Growth/Circular Economy (Private Sector/NGO)”, is a great honor for us. The project of upgrading the network of weather stations of the National Meteorological Service for which we were distinguished is very important, also due to climate change. The benefits of the project are manifold, as the meteorological information affects both the government services and the agencies related to Civil Protection. We are particularly proud of the recognition, at a global level, of this very important project that we implemented, utilizing our high expertise in a very wide range of modern technologies, in the field of development and support of Meteorological Radar Networks”.

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