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WebIQ Migration to Azure

Brief Description of the Project

Web-IQ is a Dutch company with experience in internet related development on the use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for forensic investigations to combat fraud and provide intelligence to high-risk organizations.

For Web-IQ to be able and offer these services optimally, with scalability and in a cost-effective manner taking advantage of Cloud Services for Big Data and AI is a first priority. Space Hellas has helped WebIQ to migrate the majority of services related to its Web Intelligence Service Platform to Microsoft Azure using Cloud Adoption Framework and Azure landing zones. The majority of the workloads were based on Open Source Linux and Big Data Technologies like Hadoop and Elasticsearch.

Space Hellas is also responsible for the operation and management of the Azure infrastructure on top of which Web-IQ deploys and manage its Open Source Intelligence services.

The project individual objects are the following

  • Provision of virtual machines and azure resources for the given Platform instances (Hadoop, Elasticsearch).

  • Solve technical issues related to the above and provide first line technical support.

  • Advising Web-IQ’s technical team about azure service decisions and delivering feedback regarding the deployability and maintainability in order to improve the Voyager software and its components.

  • Monitor the health of the hardware or virtual hardware (24/7)

  • Perform regular maintenance like security updates and backups.

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