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Brief Description of the Project

The project concerns the supply and installation of an Electronic Sports Facility Surveillance System (CCTV) in 22 sports facilities for sports events and activities. The areas that are supervised are the stadium, the stands, the corridors of the locker rooms, the outside environment, the auxiliary facilities, the parking areas and the areas of the spectators' approach to the sports facility.The purpose of these systems is to prevent and deal with acts of violence and criminal offences in general, on the occasion of sports meetings. 

These systems monitor the aforementioned areas of the sports facilities, during the conduct of sports meetings, as well as the persons who are in these facilities. The technical solution offered by SPACE HELLAS includes products and services of acclaimed companies abroad that specialize in the main objects of the project such as DALLMEIER (cameras & recorders), FUJITSU SIEMENS (IT equipment), CISCO Systems (Network equipment) and other branded manufacturers, who integrate its complete proposal with the equipment they offer.

The project individual objects are the following

  • Suitable number of color, automatic and high definition cameras (fixed or rotating - PTZ, speed dome type) analogue and network IP. The cameras proposed in the project have special features that make them deliver excellent quality signals under difficult lighting conditions and operating weather conditions. Specifically, for the supervision of the stands, the playing field and the immediate outdoor environment, analogue speed dome cameras with the ability to monitor events will be installed, while for the recording of incoming fans at the stadium gates and locker rooms, fixed IP cameras will be installed. 

  • The necessary active network equipment (routers, switches, wi-fi) for the transfer of data between the network cameras of the supervised areas and the control center.

  • VIDEO signal recording units according to the MPEG-2 protocol in real time (25 frames / sec) and in full resolution PAL 720x576.

  • Monitoring and remote control stations of the electronic surveillance system at each stadium using virtual matrix functions.

  • Police Control Center (PCC) which is located in the stands of the sports facility and includes only the surveillance terminals of the cameras.

  • Appropriate cable infrastructure for interconnecting analogue cameras with the Police Data Control Center. 

  • VIDEO Signal Coding Units according to the MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 protocol both for local monitoring at each stadium and remotely from CSR in the future.

  • Outdoor Signal Storage Units for greater flexibility in upgrading storage space.

  • Stadium Control Center (SCC) which consists of the Stadium Data Center and PDCC as two independently accessible spaces.

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