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Brief Description of the Project

Following a Public International Tender conducted by KtP S.A., by the contract no.1196 of April 2014, SPACE HELLAS S.A., undertook the implementation of the project ”NATIONAL OBSERVATORY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS”.  The scope of the project includes the provision and installation of mobile and fixed daily radiation transmission measuring stations all over the country, while the measuring stations data will be transferred to a measurement process and analysis central station. 

At the same time, the citizen has access through the internet to the electromagnetic radiation measurements, which are recorded by the measuring stations. The central infrastructure of data collection and process consists of the following equipment and software: 4 x Servers DELL PowerEdge R715, 1 x Storage 12.6 TB DELL PV MD3620f, 1 x Tape Library 800 GB (1600 GB after compression) DELL PV114X, DELL RACK/KVM/Console, 1 x UPS AROS 8000VA on-line, ESRI ArcGIS 10.1. s/w, McAfee Antivirus s/w, VIRTUALIZATION s/w Oracle VM Premier, RDBMS Oracle MySql Enterprise.

The project individual objects are the following

  • As a whole, 500 measuring stations were installed, aiming at the biggest coverage in cities and villages throughout Greece.The 480 of them are Broadband Station AMB-8057-03/G type 20 of them are Selective Station AMS-8061/G type, by NARDA Italy (L3 Communications croup). 

  • The vehicles include portable computers (LENOVO ThinkPad) and printers (EPSON InkJet printer) for the on-site process and presentation of results and their connection to the administration center.

  • Multiple interconnection methods were used for the project’s needs. More specifically, when the measuring station is installed in a public building that is interconnected to the SYZEFXIS National Network, then the aforementioned connection is used. In case that the station is installed in an area or building without access to the SYZEFXIS, a use of alternative networks is performed (GSM, GPRS/or 3G, etc). In every case all measuring stations dispose of interface for Ethernet interconnection, GSM and GPRS/or 3G. 

  • Geographical Information System (GIS) has been developed through which a geographical indication of the location of the various ER sources Η/Μ on a country map is possible (WEB GIS application / Dashboard). Therefore, the visitor may pose questions at the base, relying on Geographical areas. 

  • The present system may interconnect to, receive and process elements and information from other relevant systems already installed and operating such as,,,, etc. 

  • In addition to that, within the project’s framework, there has been a supply of 13 mobile measurement stations of Selective Station AMS-8061/G type, by NARDA Italy (L3 Communications croup), in 13 specially configured FORD Transit VAN, 4WD vehicles, and each one corresponds to each administrative division of the country. 

  • For the measuring stations interconnection throughout Greece, a closed network was created, capable of transferring all the data at the collection of measurements station with a fast, reliable and safe way. The central equipment at the data center (2 x Switches  CISCO Nexus 5548, 1 x Router CISCO 1921, 1 x  Firewall FORTINET FG-100D-BDL) concentrates all connections with a safe way.

  • The measurements gathered from all stations in Greece, are published on an internet platform (Internet Gate & web based application) specially designed for the current project. The results are presented in the form of diagrams and are available both in structured and unstructured form (serial format, raw data, xml etc.). 

  • An interactive web application has also been developed (on line help) to provide information on the use of the whole system and the possibility of complaints from citizens. 

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