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Cybercrime prevention services to protect the safety of citizens'and healthy entrepreneurship

Brief Description of the Project

SPACE HELLAS S.A., following a tender carried out by the Information Society on behalf of  the Ministry of Public Order & Citizen Protection, has undertaken the implementation of the project “Cybercrime prevention services to protect the safety of citizens and healthy entrepreneurship”.

The aim of the project is the implementation of the necessary infrastructure in the Cybercrime Prosecution Service (CPS) of the GP for the preventive and deterrent treatment of the risks of criminal acts via the Internet against natural and legal entities (e.g. fraud, digital vandalism, computer piracy, credit card fraud, defamation and personal data breach, etc.).

The purpose of the project is the fast and efficient service of the citizen in cases of cybercrime reporting and the interoperability with Public Administration bodies where this is deemed necessary. 

The project services horizontally cover the need to support healthy entrepreneurship, by preventing criminal activities (cyber piracy) to the detriment of digital content producers with simultaneous copyright protection. In addition, illegal gambling and online gambling are prevented, including the protection of business information systems from digital vandalism,  as well as the protection of electronic transactions between companies.

The project individual objects are the following

  • Internet Crime Detection Subsystem

    which implements the main services related to the Collection of Information from open sources on the Internet (Open Source Intelligence) for the purpose of predicting, investigating and detecting criminal activities on the internet.

  • Internet Crime Analysis Subsystem

    which implements the basic services of processing, enrichment and analysis of the data collected from the open public internet. The purpose of this subsystem is to convert data into information and to present them in a way that is useful for carrying out investigations against criminal activity on the Internet.

  • Workflow Management Subsystem

    which is responsible for the design, organization, control and management of the operator's business processes and the automation of the user's processes.

  • Management Subsystem

    which is responsible for user management, system configuration, data maintenance and remote assistance.

  • Subsystem for the Identification and Conversion of Child Abuse

    on the Internet which implements the basic services related to the detection and treatment of child abuse on the internet.

  • Data Detection Subsystem (Search)

    which implements the basic services for the detection, processing, storage and analysis of data on the Internet.

  • Communications Subsystem

    which implements all the necessary mechanisms for sending / receiving and controlling the messages exchanged between the System with third party systems of other authorities.

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