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Brief Description of the Project

SPACE HELLAS participated in the Association of Companies (SPACE HELLAS - INTRACOM - Q&R) which, after a tender conducted by KtP SA, undertook in January 2007 the implementation of the project "INTEGRATED CIVIL PROTECTION INFORMATION SYSTEM" on behalf of the GENERAL SECRETARIAT FOR CIVIL PROTECTION. The object of the project is the implementation, installation and commissioning of a fully operational information system. The primary objective of the project is to create the necessary organizational and technological infrastructure to deal with crisis situations by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection (GSCP) and relevant stakeholders across the Territory using modern information and communication technologies (ICT), in the form of the Integrated Information System of the GSCP. 

The project individual objects are the following

  • Strengthening the functioning of the GSCP on short-term and long-term prevention and response planning. In particular, the following is intended:

    The development and systematic ordering of "risk" mapping procedures throughout the Territory Risk assessment in urban and non-urban environments, using geographical and population data as well as the integration of land use data. The integration of processed information into Civil Protection planning. The provision of specific recommendations to the political leadership to develop long-term risk reduction programs within the National Civil Protection Planning Act. These proposals will concern the development of infrastructure or the strengthening of the disaster management mechanism in specific areas of the country depending on the risk.

  • The reform and continuous updating of the website of GSCP, which will be the point of interface of the involved bodies and the ordinary citizens with GSCP. The website will provide secure and authorised access to a part of the IIS data to the relevant and co-operating entities, while it will be a hub for the dissemination of usable information by the citizens of information.

  • Support for decision-making at political, operational and regular level during disaster response periods. In particular, the following is intended:

    Early warning of the representatives of the involved bodies through the Civil Protection Officers. The early warning also includes visualized information about the affected area or the area that is estimated to be affected, if there is a relevant warning of the Civil Protection Operations Center from the relevant scientific body. The constant and two-way communication between the representatives at the scene and the operational level (Center for Civil Protection Operations) or the political level (Central Coordinating Body for Civil Protection), which institutionally undertakes the information of the citizens and the exchange of data and assessments for the development of the situation, especially when it is considered to be a disaster of great intensity or extent. This two-way communication will facilitate operational and / or political decision-making on the dispatch or redeployment of personnel and civil protection, based on actual data on the possible consequences of the event. Utilization of the data provided by the representatives of the involved bodies at the scene of the incident at the Operations Center, for the impact assessment

  • Incorporating visualized and as accurate information as possible on behalf of the citizens, concerning the affected areas or areas that are estimated to be affected.

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