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Supply, installation and support of Fiber Optic terminals (DWDM equipment)

Brief Description of the Project

The object of the Project was the supply of Fiber Optic terminals (DWDM equipment), the supply of the requested equipment, in accordance with the relevant reports of the technical specifications herein and the provision of the relevant services:

  • The installation, configuration, testing and commissioning of the equipment described in this issue.
  • Maintenance - technical support of the requested equipment.
  • The training of the competent technical staff of the Group.
  • The project documentation.
  • The necessary configuration to be carried out in the central management system (NMS - Microfocus / HP NNMi) of the Company to receive messages from the supplied equipment.

In the framework of this project, Space Hellas collaborated with Cisco Systems, in order to offer the Athens Stock Exchange Group, the best solution in technical and commercial level. The offered solution consists of Cisco NCS2000 platform, which fully covers the needs of the Stock Exchange while offering unparalleled advantages in terms of management, high availability and performance. In short, the solution offered provides:

  • High performance
  • High Availability
  • Security Capabilities
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Easy Management

The offered Cisco NCS2006 equipment is specifically designed to provide DWDM technology interface services for topologies such as those required in this project. The proposed systems have been dimensioned based on the needs and information provided by the Stock Exchange in its declaration and clarifying questions. The proposed equipment fully covers the necessary, mandatory specifications of the equipment as described in the project announcement, while it covers or has the ability to cover (by adding material) the desired needs of the Group.

The project individual objects are the following

  • More specifically, the offered equipment consists of seven (7) DWDM Cisco NCS2006 systems. Six of them will be used as productive by implementing the three (3) requested DWDM links, while the seventh system will be used as backup equipment. The seventh system offered has the ability to replace as a backup any of the other six production systems.

  • At the level of configuration and management, the offered solution does not require the use of external special software for the configuration of the equipment via GUI (Graphical User Interface). The built-in management software (Local Craft Manager) supports the configuration of the equipment via GUI, and it is accessed through the management port of the node.

  • In terms of encryption, the offered Chassis model has the ability to support encryption, by adding suitable cards with algorithm 256bits, with dynamic key change every 50sec for up to 48 hours. Temporary or permanent deactivation of Encryption is supported when required and the stock exchange staff can easily do deactivation with negligible latency of communication when encryption is enabled.

  • The equipment supports the structure of the links as requested by the customer and has the ability to support the necessary scalability in the future.

  • In terms of redundancy, the offered solution includes dual redundant AC 220V type power supplies and is hot-swappable to change without interrupting the operation of the system. 

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