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PHAROS: Project on a Multi-Hazard Open Platform for Satellite-based Downstream Services
EU 7th Framework Programme – SPACE – Specific-Targeted Research Project
30 months

Project Summary PHAROS focuses on developing a sustainable, pre-operational open service platform which integrates space-based observation, communications and navigation technologies to provide innovative services for a wide variety of users and application domains. Multi-hazard applications such as the prediction/early detection of emergencies, population alerting, environmental monitoring, crisis management and risk assessment are managed through a single, user friendly interface, targeting several users (crisis managers, operators of critical infrastructures, insurance companies, scientific/academic).

In the frame of the project, Space Hellas develops the software kernel of the PHAROS Service Platform, based on state-of-the-art technologies for interfacing with the various subsystems and for properly handling and routing the exchanged information based on a reconfigurable workflow engine.

technical solutions developed 

Through a flexible, scalable and modular architecture, the platform integrates the following services, which are broadly based on innovative technologies available within the consortium:

Satellite EO data access and in-situ sensors and processing;

Decision support services based on data fusion and situation assessment techniques;

A simulation platform for hazard modelling and risk assessment;

An alert message gateway to alert the population through a variety of communications means.

  • DLR (Germany) - Coordinator
  • Tecnosylva SL (Spain)
  • Avanti Communications Ltd (UK)
  • Space Hellas S.A. (Greece)
  • IQ Wireless GmbH (Germany)
  • Fundacio Pau Costa (Spain)
  • Stichting Platform Mobile Messaging (Netherlands)
  • Eutelsat S.A. (France)

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