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Organizational changes in Space Hellas

Space Hellas is progressing in significant organisational changes in the context of the recent acquisition of SingularLogic and in combination with the company's continued efforts to accelerate its business transformation through new, flexible operating models.

Dimitris Bakakos takes over the position of Integration General Director of SingularLogic, after 13 years of a successful career in the position of Sales Director of Space Hellas. Dimitris Bakakos has significant experience in the IT field and has been a senior executive in large companies in the area, for more than 33 years.

The General Sales & Operations Division of Space Hellas is transformed and two new are created, the General Sales & System Integration Division and the General Technology & Customer Operations Division.

Giannis Anastasakos, System Integration Director of Space Hellas, assumes new duties of General Director Sales & System Integration in the newly established General Division. The new General Division, which includes the previously two Sales and System Integration Divisions consolidated to form one new Sales Division, as well as the Integration Services Division that consolidates the Project Management and Engineering sectors. The current Head of Project Management, Nikos Gorilas, assumes the duties of Director in the new Integration Services Division.

Giannis Chatzistavropoulos, Technical Director of Space Hellas, assumes new duties of General Director Technology & Customer Operations in the newly established General Division, which includes two new Divisions. The Technology Division, in which the duties of Director are assumed by the current Deputy Technical Director Costas Mitsios, having at the same time the role of Technology & Customer Operations Deputy General Director. And the Customer Operations Division, the leadership of which is taken over by Maria Pikramenou, the current Vice Technical Director.

The new General Divisions, Sales & System Integration and Technology & Customer Operations, and all product Divisions, continue to report directly to the CEO of the company Dr. Ioannis Mertzanis, who stated in this regard:"The new structural changes in Space Hellas strengthen the company's organization and create an even more dynamic and more flexible operating structure that aims at the maximum response of the company to important and complex projects. The new organisation was designed to dynamically enhance the Divisions of the company on the front line and create a smooth operating model, capable of meeting the high demands of its customers, but also its future needs".

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