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Space Hellas: Modernization of the basic infrastructure of the 4th Health Region of Macedonia and Thrace

Space Hellas has completed the modernization of the basic infrastructure of the 4th Health Region of Macedonia and Thrace (HR), accelerating the digital transformation and transition of the organization to an innovative and sustainable environment, while ensuring high-level services for citizens.

The implementation of the project was achieved with the high-performance Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) of the manufacturing company CISCO. The completion of the project resulted in the simplification of the organization’s infrastructure, better use of computing and network resources, greater ease of supervision, increased architectural flexibility and data management capability ensuring the protection and security of the organization.

In addition, the project contributes to enhancing the overall safety level of the 4th Health Region of Macedonia and Thrace in Cyberspace, and to the alignment of the Organization with the new NIS 2 Directive by October 2024. By implementing the project and with the help of the specialized and experienced staff of Space Hellas, the 4th HR strategically establishes an overall organisational approach to risk management related to the operation and use of its IT systems.

Finally, the use of new technologies shields the organization from malicious activities and ensures business continuity, for smooth and uninterrupted activity, under any unforeseen circumstances.

The Director-General of the 4th HR, Mr Tsalikakis Dimitris, said: "The needs of the organization have multiplied in recent years and the new infrastructure provides for the increase in needs and requirements that are a natural consequence of the impending digitalization imposed by the modern state. The development of a modern high-speed digital environment and at the same time the strengthening of the organization's structures to effectively deal with cyber-attacks is a priority of the Administration in order to increase the citizens’ trust”.

During the implementation of the project, the certified engineers of Space Hellas provided high-level services and training to the organization's executives, regarding the operation of the new equipment, security solutions, use, troubleshooting and operation of the offered solution.

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