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Space Hellas implemented the computing infrastructure for the Association of Greek Academic Libraries at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

The objective of the international call for tenders was to reinforce, support and upgrade the research activities of the academic institutions, with modern computing infrastructures for the availability and exploitation of research data. The call was announced by the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association through the AUTH, and Space Hellas was the winner.

The project's aim was to create infrastructures for the effective storage, management, sharing and protection of the research data of each scientific publication of the academic institutions that are members of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association (Ellinikon Akadimaikon Vivliothikon, SEAV) and to support and upgrade the research activities in higher education. Its total value was EUR 355,161 (plus VAT).

Space Hellas's solution is based on Dell EMC's latest state-of-the-art storage infrastructure Isilon scale-out NAS. The Isilon scale-out NAS fully meets the requirements of the project and presents a number of advantages such as simple management, excellent performance, efficiency, operational flexibility, high availability using Reed-Solomon algorithms (N + M Redundancy).

The offered solution comprises a centrally distributed storage array horizontally distributed which provides a payload of greater than 1.2PB in high availability configuration (simultaneous loss of 2 discs or one node). LTO-8 Tape Library and a server for the long-term storage of rarely-accessible (cold) data and 10G network equipment for the interconnection of the storage infrastructure to the existing network infrastructure of AUTH.

Ms. Jasmina Stritar, Sales Director, Direct Sales, South Eastern Europe, Dell Technologies, stated: "Through our collaboration with Space Hellas combined with the company's high level know-how, we have been given the opportunity to substantially enhance the research work of academic institutions, members of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association, offering the DELL EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage solution that delivers top performance, efficiency and capacity, effectively supporting the demanding applications of unstructured data.

Dr. Ioannis Mertzanis, CEO of Space Hellas, stated: "The modernization of IT infrastructures is the essential first step towards strengthening the academic and research project initiatives. We are therefore very proud to have successfully completed this project, strengthening technologically the academic community. Our excellent collaboration with Dell Technologies demonstrates our commitment to enabling end-users to locate, use and extract real value from their data, regardless of size, wherever they are."

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