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φSAT: The Role of Satellite in Future Internet Services
18 months

The φSAT project aims to study and assess the potential role of SatCom with respect to the Future Internet (FI) networking research trends at EU and international level, and to investigate the technical feasibility and business viability of the integration of SatCom within terrestrial FI networks.

The specific objectives of the φSAT project are the following:

  • To conduct a State-of-the-Art review of FI network transport technologies at EU & international level;
  • To identify most pertinent technological solutions for SatCom integration within FI networks;
  • To investigate potential scenarios for the integration of SatCom with terrestrial FI networks;
  • To propose and validate reference architectures for integrated terrestrial/satellite FI networks;
  • To address the socio-economics issues related to SatCom integration within FI networks;
  • To assess the commercial viability of FI technologies for future SatCom services exploitation;
  • To analyse the roles’ evolution of main players induced by the adoption of FI technologies in future SatCom systems;
  • To provide recommendations for future work and technology development roadmap;
  • To disseminate the project results in international fora, towards both satellite- and terrestrial-oriented audiences.

Space Hellas is the Prime Contractor of the φSAT project responsible for the overall Project and Technical Management.

  • Space Hellas – Prime Contractor
  • Athens University of Economics and Business – Research Centre (Greece)
  • Thales Alenia Space (France)

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