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ACRITAS: Space Technologies for Surveillance and Monitoring Integrated Applications
National GSRT – “Innovative Enterprise Clusters”
24 months
The ACRITAS project aims at the research, design, development and validation of space-based integrated applications for surveillance and monitoring through advanced multi-sensor data fusion technologies. Special emphasis is put on the integrated use of space-related technologies (i.e., Earth Observation (GMES), Satellite Communications (SatCom), and Satellite Navigation (GNSS)), and their fusion with available terrestrial in-situ assets for key application domains, such as: Border Surveillance, Critical Energy Infrastructure Monitoring, Coastal Environmental Monitoring, and Agricultural Monitoring.
Space Hellas is the Project Coordinator. It builds an integrated multi-application modular service platform, which interfaces with in-situ data sources, EO service providers and data processing/fusion modules, supporting different workflows in order to deliver the final product, according to each of the aforementioned application domains.

  • Space Hellas S.A. (Coordinator)
  • EPOS Satellite Communication Networks S.A.
  • inAccess Networks S.A.
  • IRIDA Labs S.A.
  • Planetek Hellas S.A.
  • Neuropublic S.A.

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