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Eirinaios Theodorou

Independent Non-executive Member

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Born in Athens in 1982, Eirinaios Theodorou graduated from the Department of Business Administration of University of Patras, in 2005. In 2005 he started working as a trainee auditor at DPM Stylianou S.A., while in parallel he completed a master's degree in professional training from the Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In 2013 he obtained his CRMA license from the International Institute of Internal Auditors and in 2016 having fulfilled the required working experience he obtained the Certified Public Accountant license.  He has participated in more than 100 audit and consulting projects for both domestic and international clients, covering a wide range of industrial sectors (Technology & Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Gas, Real Estate, Shipping, Construction, Hospitality & Leisure, Health Units). In 2022 he joined Space Hellas' Board of Directors, as an independent non-executive member, and holds the position of the Chairman in the Audit Committee and of the member in the Remuneration and Nominations Committee.

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