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RBP of Western Greece
1821 Digital Theme Park

Brief Description of the Project

The Project
The project concerns the creation of a unique, for the Greek standards, Digital Park dedicated to 1821. Utilizing innovative interactive technologies, digital exhibits of various subjects installed in 12 specially designed containers, the visitor is offered a unique experience of visiting and understanding the events of the Greek Revolution. The specific project in the Western Greece region is the only digital park in our country that will be installed in 10 cities in the region. The goal of its inspirers and creators is for every citizen to visit the Digital Park, but also for the entire educational community.

Action 01: The Digital Theme Park
Creation of a Digital Theme Park dedicated to the Greek Revolution of 1821 with emphasis on the events that took place in Western Greece.

Park in full development (mobile)
12 specially designed containers
5 Thematic Units
26 Digital Exhibits
Temporary installation in 10 cities of W.G.

Park 1 in final form
6 specially designed containers
5 Thematic Units
13 Digital Exhibits
Permanent installation in Kalavrita

Park 2 in final form
6 specially designed containers
5 Thematic Units
13 Digital Exhibits
Permanent installation in Messolongi

Digital Exhibit Technologies
Virtual Host
Interactive Video Wall
Video Projection
Digital book
Interactive holograms
Virtual Reality
Dressing Room
Interactive tables and screens

Action 2:
Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies for the development of multiple channels for the promotion of the cultural, natural and historical wealth of the Region of Western Greece.

Special Portal construction which includes:

  • Points of Interest
  • Enterprises
  • Mapping
  • Events
  • News
  • Application Android
  • Application IOS
  • Local InfoWi

Action 03:
A documentary, which follows the route from the 1821 Revolution to date, by land and sea, with the key historical and cultural areas of the Region of Western Greece.
Duration: 45-60’

Objective 1: to highlight the multilateral aspects, the monuments-landmarks of the Region with the emblematic cities, the events, the hidden narratives, and the people who contributed to the beginning of the Struggle for Freedom and the creation of the Greek State.

Objective 2 : to highlight the imprint they have left to this day in the area.

Objective 3: At the same time, it highlights the cultural and tourist importance of the area.

Questions answered during the documentary:

  • Why did the heart of Independence begin to beat hard, first in Western Greece?
  • Which are those cities, people, monuments, museums, that wrote their own history towards Freedom?
  • What is the sea route that connects the areas of the Region environmentally and historically and what role has the sea played since the Revolution to this day?
  • What unique monuments of worldwide scope does the place embrace?

A scientist who travels like a modern Pausanias by land and sea and answers the above questions.

At the same time, expert scientists are documenting the facts.

Collaborations with institutions and Museums seal the documentation.

Filming on the spot, interviews, audiovisual archive material, engravings and paintings, high quality graphic design.

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