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”SYZEFXIS” - National backbone network of the Hellenic Public Administration (Pilot)

Brief Description of the Project

Space Hellas participates in the composition (group) of companies which undertook the implementation of the pilot project for the creation of the national backbone network of the Greek Public Administration, under the name "SYZEFXIS". The active network equipment used is CISCO Systems (IGX 84xx, 7206VXR, 3640) and is accompanied by passive network equipment (Racks).

Scope of the project is a study concerning the creation of a National Backbone Network of the Hellenic Public Administration, under the name “Syzefxis”, which will provide data traffic services between Carriers of the Hellenic Public Sector. The ”SYXEFXIS” Project will cover all the communication needs of the Public Services.  It will support telematic services with data transmission (e.g. e-mail, structured circulars transmission), voice and image transmission. It will be an open architecture network; it will have alternative access methods and provide the capability of connection with all Public Sector Carriers.

Aim of the project is to improve the public services operation, by upgrading the communication between Public Sector Carriers through the access to telematic Backbone Network services of the Public Administration and the integrated citizen service through automated, user friendly, information και transactions with the Public Sector handling systems.

The project individual objects are the following

  • Reduction of the communication costs between Public Sector Carriers  and exploring scenarios compatible with the forthcoming liberalization of telecommunications.

  • Exploitation of alternative information sources and avoidance of overlaps - repetitions in Data Bases and Network Facilities and as much as possible the single supply of software packages.

  • Creation of conditions of a compatible form of the Public Sector Carriers internal network facilities according to the modern specifications of local networks structured cabling and active equipment (gateways - routers, network servers, firewalls, switches, hubs, ISDN PABXs).

  • Easy and fast information search by the citizen, having as a source the Public Carriers, in order to be immediately informed about issues that concern them.

  • Possibility of distant working at the P.S., as well as the public commission conduct by electronic means.

  • Connection of all Public Carriers to the Internet through the most cost and technically effective Internet Service Providers (ISP) Carriers, with immediate impact on updating the people making transactions with the Public Sector, the international publicity of Carriers and the access to the World Wide Web information sources from the Public Administration’s Executives part. 

  • Circulation of structured documentation of EDI/EDIFACT type between Public Services, relevant process re-engineering in the Public Sector and capability of interconnection and peering agreement with other EDI-WANs.

  • Faster and safer information traffic in the Backbone ”SYXEFXIS” Network.

  • Management coordination of Public Sector Carriers data traffic και support of telematic applications through a central as well as other distributed help-desks.

  • Coordination and effective exploitation of the Public Sector Informative systems  through the carriers interconnection, the installation of a hierarchical servers network (name servers, WWW, proxy servers) and the final user management in the sense of closed Intranets environments. 

  • Services provided to the citizen for procedures requiring involvement of more than one Carrier (e.g. instructions provision and issue of certificates, licenses, payment of fees etc.), in the direction of the one-stop shopping, through the public telecommunication network and a modem PC, or electronic access through ΑΤΜ type slots.

  • Capability of connection with European Public Administration Networks and the access to specialized data bases.

  • Introduction of a centrally controlled e-mail in the Public Administration and messaging system administration according to EU requirements.

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