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SPACE HELLAS - WIND contribute to the digital upgrade of the country's Judicial system

Following a public tender by the Information Society (KTP), the companies association of SPACE HELLAS and WIND undertook the digital upgrade of the Judicial System with the aim of modernizing the internal organization, operation and communication of the Judicial Bodies of the country.

Specifically, SPACE HELLAS - WIND assumed the project “Teleconferencing services in courts and penitentiaries and provision of information services on the course of court registers and displays (Electronic Board)” of the Ministry of Digital Government, with a total contract value of € 16.500.278,24. It is about the introduction and utilization of modern technological tools in the process of awarding Justice and the upgrading of the administrative capacity of the Courts. The project is expected to upgrade the quality and speed of the provided services of Justice and to actively contribute to the interoperability with other public bodies.

Giannis Anastasakos, General Manager of Sales & Integration of Space Hellas emphasizes that, “The quality upgrade of the work of Justice is another very important project of digital transformation in our country. We joined forces with WIND to make the most of the know-how and capabilities of technology in the perfect completion of the project.”

«The digital transformation of the country is a strategic goal for WIND. We are participating for the first time in a tender for the digitization of the Information Society (KTP) in collaboration with Space Hellas, with the aim of the optimal operation of our country’s judicial system for the common good” remarked Alexandros Bregiannis, Public Sector Projects Manager.

The upgraded digital services provided by the project will improve the daily lives of citizens and professionals in the country, through the provision of two integrated digital actions. These actions are part of the National Strategy for Justice, in particular: The first action concerns the implementation of a teleconferencing services network in courts and penitentiaries of the country, covering the needs of the Civil, Criminal and Administrative Courts (Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal), the investigative work (Court of First Instance) and requests for judicial assistance. The second action plans to develop and operate an extensive information system through which publication of the course of the registers and displays of the courts of the country will be made in real time on the internet.

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