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Space Hellas is upgrading the network of meteorological stations of the ΗNMS

Space Hellas has undertaken the project of the Meteorological Stations that will be installed throughout the territory in the framework of upgrading the country’s Network with modern digital systems, to provide integrated, qualitative, and accurate meteorological information.

Specifically, Space Hellas undertook the project “Installation of Meteorological Stations and development of Web Portal infrastructure” following a tender by the Information Society (KTP). The operator of the project is the National Meteorological Service, while it is owned by the Ministry of National Defense.

The project, amounting to 11.9 million euros, is co-funded by the Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation 2014-2020” and from National Resources and its costs will be borne by the Public Investment Program.

This is the upgrade of the Network of Surface and Upper Atmospheric Meteorological Stations of HNMS with the supply, installation and operation of a total of one hundred and three systems of five different types for the upgrade of the central computer and telecommunication system of the HNMS, as well as the hardware and software infrastructure for the production and distribution via internet (Portal) of data from the surface stations, weather forecasts, climate products, etc. to any interested party to meet the needs of the HNMS. The aim of the project is to provide comprehensive, meteorological information in critical productive and development sectors, in public bodies, in educational and research institutions, as well as to the ordinary citizen, in a friendly way through the internet or other modern sources of information.

In detail, eighty Automatic Meteorological Systems will be installed throughout the territory, ten Automatic Ship Meteorological Stations Systems will be installed on a corresponding number of coastal vessels and ten Portable Automatic Meteorological Station Systems will be made available for meteorological support and capture of weather conditions, while three Automatic Radiation Systems will be installed in Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion to capture the atmospheric parameters in the upper atmosphere.

Mr. Spyros Manolopoulos, Executive President of Space Hellas, emphasizing the importance of the project, states; “The “climate crisis” with the destabilization of the climate on the planet renders the work of the HNMS of utmost importance for our country. Data collection and real-time weather forecast with immediate dissemination of information is required. With the latest technology systems and our experience in the field of development and support of Radar Meteorology Networks, we can guarantee the completion of the project with absolute success”

The benefits of the project will be multiple as the meteorological information affects everyone, government agencies and services whose mission is the meteorological support of sectors (eg air navigation), agencies related to Civil Protection, but also the citizens for the planning of their activities.

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