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Space Hellas obtains Telecommunications Licence in Jordan

Space Hellas announces that Space Arab Levant Technologies Company (LLC), member of its Group of Companies, was awarded by the Jordan Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), a licence to provide telecommunication services in Jordan.

Jordan TRC authorized Space Arab Levant Technologies Company (LLC), to provide "Full array of data related telecom services" in Jordan. The newly established Telecommunication node of Space Hellas will interconnect customer sites in Jordan, with surrounding countries and the rest of the world through Space Hellas's nodes in Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Serbia and Frankfurt. Space Hellas's telecommunication nodes offer interconnection with the biggest Cloud Providers, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google and Amazon.

The Space Hellas Group establishes its presence in the Middle East through its Telecommunication node in Amman, Jordan, and expands its operations at international level. Space Arab Levant Technologies Company LLC is now ready to offer its customers in Jordan a wide range of integrated telecommunications services, with guaranteed bandwidth and strict SLA, working with all the available local and international telco providers.

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