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Space Hellas - University of Ioannina collaboration for the completion of the project “PRECIOUS”

Following a competitive tendering process, Space Hellas undertook the project  «Research Infrastructure for Large-Scale Medical Data Analysis with a view to "Precision Medicine», at the University of Ioannina and specifically at the Department of Department of Materials Science and Engineering.  

It is about the supply and installation of equipment for the implementation of the infrastructure with the distinctive title “PRECIOUS”.  The project was successfully completed under the supervision of Biomedical Technology Professor Dimitrios Fotiadis and the Department of Medical Technology and Intelligent Information Systems, which consists of distinguished scientists.

The «PRECIOUS» project, (Research Infrastructure for Big medical Data analytics towards precision medicine), was implemented within the framework of the Action "Strengthening Research and Innovation Infrastructures", financed by the Operational Program "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (RDCA “ESPA” 2014-2020) and co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund). 

The purpose of "PRECIOUS" is the implementation of an innovative cloud platform, with the use of appropriate tools, it provides services for the analysis and processing of medical data.

With the development of the appropriate applications it has become possible to store, process, optimize and share of different types of largescale medical data, analyze it by sophisticated machine learning algorithms and exchange, harmonize and finally extract valuable information

Essentially, the new platform provides the necessary tools to develop "Precision Medicine", which is the promising goal of the medical community, as it tailors care to the specific needs of each patient based on their genetic profile and clinical findings and offers personalized treatments for each patient. 

The new infrastructure can therefore become a reliable ally for researchers from different branches of medicine and biology to accelerate and refine their studies.

Professor Fotiadis Dimitris characteristically stated: "Precious aspires to fill the gap that exists in modern medical infrastructures, to use the most modern machine learning technology and - thanks to it - to connect and analyze a huge amount of data from different centers for the benefit of scientific progress but also of the patients themselves".
"Based on the genetic profile and the clinical findings, it will be possible to diagnose and predict the progression of a disease, but also to recommend the appropriate treatment for each person", "in other words, personalized prediction and care models will be created", emphasized Professor Fotiadis. 

In order to achieve maximum and flexible project performance, high and reliable supercomputing power in clusters performance equipment was selected, specially designed to accelerate Machine Learning, Engineering, Deep Learning and simulations performance, of the manufacturing company Dell Technologies, of which Space Hellas is a Titanium Partner.

In its 35 years of existence, Space Hellas has successfully completed many complex projects, applying its high level of know-how combined with cutting-edge technological solutions tailored to the needs of large organizations and enterprises, aiming at their smooth digital transformation and enhancing their competitive advantage.

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