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Space Hellas implements a project for the installation of Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure at the ACHEPA University General Hospital of Thessaloniki with SenseOne & Draxis Environmental Technology solutions

Following an electronic open tender of the 4th Health District of Macedonia and Thrace, Space Hellas undertook the supply and installation of standard environmental and energy efficiency measurement systems using Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, at the ACHEPA University General Hospital of Thessaloniki.

The project includes the installation and operation of a local Internet of Things (IoT) wireless network for the Hospital, acting as the sensor network interconnection infrastructure, including all necessary accompanying systems and infrastructures, as well as the installation of equipment/software for the operation of the LoRaWAN network (Cisco), to transfer the measurements from the sensors to a central intelligent and secure management system.

Additionally, it includes the implementation of an integrated system based on modern technologies of intelligent sensors (smart sensors), the creation of an "Intelligent Asset Management" management platform as a collection point for analysis and visualization of data, as well as the utilization of machine learning technologies (ML, Machine Learning), which will significantly contribute to the acquisition of knowledge about saving resources.

The implementation of the project aims to immediately monitor the main energy indicators of the Hospital at the lowest possible level, to reduce the waste of natural resources (energy, water, fuel, consumables, and raw materials in general), to improve the Hospital's environmental Indicators, to inform and raise citizens' awareness about the actions of the Hospital as well as measure the applications of sustainable policies by the Hospital, through established indicators of environmental performance and resource savings.

With the installation of the system and the intelligent sensors in key points of the General Hospital of Thessaloniki ACHEPA, real-time monitoring will be achieved and at the same time data will be collected, so that over time and based on the suggestions of the intelligent system, targeted prognostic support interventions for the hospital shall be implemented.

Space Hellas, with the ecosystem of the Group's companies and its subsidiary company SenseOne, as well as Draxis Environmental Technology as a key partner in corresponding solutions, brings high expertise and experience in the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) projects. It utilizes all the possibilities of modern technology to implement another multidimensional green project, contributing both to the upgrading of the technological infrastructure of ACHEPA, and to the reduction of its energy and environmental footprint.

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