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Space Hellas and Draxis Environmental Technology implement a "Twin Transition" project of the Region of Western Macedonia

Following an electronic open tender of the Region of Western Macedonia, an important project of Green and Digital transition was undertaken by the association of companies "Space Hellas - Draxis Environmental Technology".

It is about the supply and installation of a green pilot data center (Green Data Center) and the reuse of the extracted thermal energy. The energy that will be received from the computing power center during its cooling process will be used to heat water in the buildings of the Student Residences of the University of Western Macedonia and the Hospital in Grevena. The implementation is part of the "Computing Power Goes Green" project, with the acronym 'Go Green'.

More specifically, the project concerns an innovative solution for the exploitation of computing power and the heat produced by it, so that there is full exploitation of the increase in temperature either as returned heating water and its introduction into a classic energy-consuming heating boiler, or into a domestic water heating system.

The pre-heating of domestic water both in the boiler room of the University of Western Macedonia in Kozani and in the hospital in Grevena will be achieved with the use of digital modular boilers. The project offers an Average Energy Recovery Factor (ERF) of more than 85%.

The proposed solution guarantees a reduction in energy consumption, in addition improves the carbon footprint of the green data center, while meeting its operational safety standards. It also adds to the development of green and digital policies, contributes to achieving climate neutrality thus reducing pollution and restoring biodiversity.

Space Hellas and Draxis Environmental Technology with an ecological orientation and experience in the implementation of green digital transformation projects, use all the capabilities of modern technology to implement another important green project. The two companies join their expertise to contribute to the wider framework of twin transition policies and strategies (green-digital) aiming to create the necessary framework to capture, monitor, evaluate and promote an environmentally sustainable digital transformation.

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