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Space Hellas: New Energy Management System at Athens International Airport

Following a tender procedure, Athens International Airport chose Space Hellas to modernize the Energy Management Monitoring System of its installations.

The solution to be developed is based on “SenseOne IoT Platform" of SenseOne, a member of the Space Hellas Group, acting as the Central Energy Management Platform, for monitoring, recording and generating reports on energy data of the AIA facilities.

Moreover, the platform will allow the exchange and utilization of data from existing information systems, as well as the Central Automation System (BMS) of Athens International Airport. Adding to the cross-checking of data validity, the platform will enable each user to monitor through dashboards the energy data of its installation.

The chosen solution is Web based, facilitating direct access of users to the data from any device and wherever they may be. At the same time, the AIA will be able to interconnect any IoT device, such as new electricity meters, in order to utilize all the information in relation to energy consumption, on a central IoT platform.

The Space Hellas Group has a high degree of expertise in the implementation of IoT projects, while with the dynamics of its subsidiary and the SenseOne IoT Platform, it can offer incomparable advantages and integrated solutions for “smart projects”.

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