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An emblematic project of the Region of Western Greece for the 200 years of the Revolution of 1821 is implemented by Space Hellas & Radiant Technologies

Following a public tender, the Region of Western Greece commissioned the companies association of Space Hellas and Radiant Technologies to implement the project for the “Digital system of multilevel promotion of the history and cultural reserve in the Western Greece Region”. It is a mobile digital museum that emphasizes historical events that took place in the region of Western Greece during the revolution of 1821, using digital and interactive media/applications.

The contract of the project, at a price of 1,967,880.00 €, is co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and national resources.

More specifically, the project concerns the creation of a unique, for the Greek standards, Digital Park dedicated to 1821. Utilizing innovative interactive technologies, digital exhibits of various subjects installed in 12 specially designed containers, the visitor is offered a unique experience of visiting and understanding the events of the Greek Revolution. The specific project in the Western Greece region is the only digital park in our country that will be installed in 10 cities in the region. The goal of its inspirers and creators is for every citizen to visit the Digital Park, but also for the entire educational community.

The project involves the development of electronic infrastructures, modern services and applications aiming at the gradual transformation of Western Greece into a "smart" region in the field of promotion of the cultural and historical reserves and is structured in three actions. According to the actions, the project is divided into three sub-projects:

1. The organization and operation of a mobile digital museum, which will virtually tour in 10 important urban centres of the WGR and more specifically in AGRINIO, AIGIO, AMALIADA, VONITSA, KALAVRITA KRESTENA MESOLONGI, NAFPAKTOS, PATRAS and PYRGOS. Following the completion of the tour, the Park will be permanently installed in the cities of Kalavryta and Messolongi, which are areas of the WGR holding a special role in the Revolution. The mobile digital museum utilizes modern digital audiovisual and interactive technologies such as video projections, interactive applications, digital representations, virtual reality, holographic mixed reality, audio and multimedia tour systems.
2. The provision of digital services and digital content in a multilevel way, through a projection portal and through the application of smart devices Western Greece 2021, which will inform the visitor.about 2500 points of historical and cultural interest within the borders of the Region of Western Greece.
3. The production of a documentary that highlights the history and culture of Western Greece.

As characteristically stated by the Deputy Regional Minister of Economic Policy & Financial Control Mr. Andreas Filias:” Wishing to honor the land that lit the flame of freedom and illuminated the path of the rebirth of Greece under adverse conditions, The Region of Western Greece carries out a flagship project of a strategic nature, taking advantage of every opportunity and every available means. An excellent project that will keep alive the memories and the great history of 1821 and our homeland”.

Mr. Spyros Manolopoulos, Executive President of Space Hellas, in a statement about the project underlines: “With our high know-how and experience in the field of digital applications, we implement a digital museum that fully meets the multiple requirements of the Region of Western Greece for history and culture.” He characteristically points out: “we utilize all the potential of modern technology to implement through the Region of Western Greece an important project in the field of digital culture that highlights all the historical events and the cultural heritage of the region. A project that will keep all the historical moments unchanged in time”.

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