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Holistic approach to the implementation of “smart cities” projects

The capabilities of the systems and applications of Space Hellas Group and its partners were presented at the “International Conference of Southeast European Cities”, held at the Cisco Digital Transformation & Skills Center, on April 12, in Thessaloniki.

The Space Hellas group participated in the conference with the potential of SingularLogic, SenseOne, AgroApps, and WebIQ companies, as well as key partners such as Draxis, to present a holistic programme of services, applications, infrastructures and connectivity, integrating the vision of a modern, secure and sustainable city with key priorities of improving the life of the citizen and saving resources and energy.

With a high level of cooperation and strategy, the Space Hellas Group has created an integrated range of solutions and applications related to the utilization of the available resources for the implementation of smart cities, covering the main pillars of Energy, Environment and Security (Safety/Security).

During the conference the new Intelligent Cities platform was announced under the name "Citysense". The Citysense platform completes and consolidates different services, smart cities apparatus and data in a single Dashboard, is Cloud technology, and will use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Engineering to link data from different sources and applications. Thus, it is possible for the organization concerned to make quick decisions.

The “Citysense” platform is a product of synergy between the companies of Space Hellas Group and Draxis, a key partner of Space Hellas in respective solutions.

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