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Space Hellas assists in the effort of Greek Universities for virtual laboratories, through the innovative platform Microsoft Azure Lab Services.

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of the University of Crete, with the help of Space Hellas and Microsoft, successfully completed the first cycle of laboratory courses using the Azure Lab Services platform, as a tool for conducting virtual laboratories.

The Microsoft Azure Lab Services platform was used as a pilot for a period of seven weeks, in the course Numerical Weather Forecast of the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, taught by Mr. Nikolaos Christakis. The aim was to familiarize students with the computational methods of solving some differential equations with emphasis on those used in Meteorology, and the conclusions were very positive.

According to Mr. Christakis, the Microsoft Azure Lab Services platform is the closest it could be at the moment to a lifelong laboratory teaching and will continue to be tested in courses with a larger number of students. The number of this workshop was 20 people and with different environments / tools, for the creation of weather simulations.

The important collaboration between the University of Crete with Space Hellas and Microsoft, opens new avenues in the virtual lab platforms and their application in higher education.

Space Hellas, Microsoft's CSP Cloud service provider has developed customized service packages tailored to the specific needs of Academic Institutions, using prepaid currencies (Azure CSP Credits) in conjunction with consulting / training and support services.

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