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Target Markets

Operating in the field of System Integration, Space Hellas is participating in a series of complex projects in specific market sectors, either by itself or in partnership with the domestic and foreign companies.

All company offers are designed to meet the clients' needs at competitive prices, without compromising the company's high quality standards of products and services offered.

Each new project awarded/commissioned to Space Hellas by any vertical market is a challenge to the company. This prompts the company to carefully consider the characteristics of each industry group, the particular conditions of each project as well as the added value that Space Hellas' involvement can make either in itself or in the context of cooperation with other companies.

The diversified but particular approach to vertical markets is a policy that Space Hellas applies to all projects won, for their entire life-cycle. This means that the company's products and services are tailored in flexible ways, taking into consideration the particular physiognomy and philosophy/culture of each industry. Naturally, the ultimate aim of Space Hellas is the absolute satisfaction of the client and the success of the project.

Indicatively, Space Hellas has been active in the following industry groups:


Operating in the sector of Defense, a System Integrator must have the following basic capacities: ability to handle complex projects, skills in combining old and new technologies, facility to offer solutions designed to meet specific needs, ability to keep tight schedules, confidentiality, aptitude in producing satisfactory documentation, offer services in the transfer of know-how, etc.

To meet the System Integration requirements of the Defense Industry Space Hellas:

  • offers "turn-key" solutions for technologically complex projects
  • provides full before-and after-sales support to clients
  • offers consulting and technology know-how transfer services
  • creates solutions on the basis of the company's extensive technological know-how in telecommunications and IT. These solutions are designed by the company in collaboration in-house experts and out-of-house associates to meet the particular requirements for every single project
  • makes optimal use of the company's experience in Project Management


In the context of complex and rigorous regulations, the industry players of this sector endeavour to build their profile which combines the following characteristics: reliability, safety and low cost services to combat competition.

Space Hellas participates in System Integration projects in the following Transport fields:

  • Civil Aviation
  • City and Intercity bus lines
  • Land transport
  • Maritime transport, etc.

In addition to Space Hellas' own expertise in telecommunications and computer networks, transfer of data/voice/image, IT, surveillance and monitoring, special communication systems, performance measurement and observational systems, etc., the approach to projects from this industry is strictly in compliance with company regulations, accommodating also the cooperation of recognized domestic and foreign partners / associates.


The basic aim of e-government is to effect a change in the existing State - citizens - enterprises web of relationships in view of the necessary adjustments to the emerging work environment, which is the result of recent technological developments. These changes are ushered mainly through the Internet which, in addition to the plethora of novel technological tools it offers for practical daily applications, it also has a catalytic role in the shaping of a new mindset throughout all levels of human activities.

A significant portion of the constituent elements of e-government is included in the corpus of Space Hellas activities/objects. Such performance fields as the Internet, communications and data safety are some of the basic objects of the company. Having established a plethora of co-operations with international firms active in supplementary fields, Space Hellas is able to provide comprehensive coverage to e-government projects. In addition, the organization of the company allows an integrated approach to corresponding requirements to thus offer the Public and the private sectors access to high quality solutions warranted by Space Hellas.


This is a very sensitive and much demanding sector. The new technological developments and the ever increasing and complex demands by citizens/patients for upgraded services, combine with pressures for low cost. Consequently, Health providers are confronted with significant challenges, which Space Hellas undertakes with confidence based upon:

  • the company's highly technical know-how in some of the basic fields constituting the Health sector, e.g. transfer of data/voice/image, management and storage of data and voice, safety of data, surveillance/monitoring, infrastructure, etc.
  • high quality System Integration and Project Management services, which are warranted by the company's quality certification status
  • the company's co-operation with foreign firms for the development of integrated solutions to Health providers, which consolidates the strategic profile of the providers.


The environment is intricately linked to our quality of life, and measures taken up for its protection represent key priorities for modern societies. Technological developments offer solutions for the protection and management of natural resources, which until a few years ago were in the sphere of science fiction.

Applying its highly technical know-how, e.g. telemetry, transfer of data/image, expertise in environmental safety (surveillance/monitoring) and infrastructure, Space Hellas has established a significant foothold in this market sector. Particular reference should be made to Space Hellas' know-how, its level and extent of cooperation in crisis management - the latter being a major component in integrated environmental solutions.

As is true in other fields of activity in relation to the Environment, Space Hellas aims to also provide integrated solutions to clients / environment users in the form of specialized products and services that meet diverse needs. These services, too, are characterized by reliability and high quality specific to Space Hellas.

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