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Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT

The transition to a Hybrid IT environment can be a challenging journey. Multiple aspects need to be considered, while at the same time, each workload needs to be carefully placed in the mix.

No matter where your journey starts, Space, together with its strategic technology partners and its extensive support network, can bring all the products and services together to support you on your transition to a Hybrid IT environment, end-to-end.

Hybrid IT

  • Core Infrastructure

    Our Solution Architects can guide you to design and build your customized datacenter, tailored to your needs. Combining latest generation servers, storages, networking appliances and hyperconverged solutions from best of breed vendors, we can ensure that you will get the most appropriate value-for-money solution.

  • Data Protection

    Data loss and operation shutdown can be both costly and distressing for any business, so a concrete business continuity plan is of great importance. Using cutting-edge backup and disaster recovery technologies (software and hardware) bundled with professional services, Space can offer you a well-architected backup and disaster recovery strategy with minimal RTO and best in class RPO.

  • End-User Computing

    We can provide you with end-users’ IT systems from the vast majority of vendors. Our solutions portfolio includes accessories, mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. We also represent numerous software vendors, so we can find the appropriate software for your needs and introduce new technologies to solve complex and specialized operations.

  • Desktop Virtualization

    Today’s fast paced business transformation needs to leverage all the latest desktop virtualization technology advantages, such as user mobility, ease of access, flexibility, and greater security. In the past, its high-performance requirements made desktop virtualization costly and challenging to deploy on legacy systems, which posed a barrier for many businesses. With the rise in enterprise adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as well as in cloud application virtualization services, we can be your trusted advisor in combined solutions that provides scalability and high performance at a lower cost.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Get ready for the Cloud era by modernizing your datacenter infrastructure. Hybrid Cloud is not a trend but a requirement. Our Hybrid & Multi-Cloud approach (Azure, GCP, etc.) allow you to enable the digital transformation of your infrastructure and handle the rapid demands of business while being prepared for the next cloud-only future.

  • Applications Modernization

    Our experience in different sectors and multiple customers with critical environments, allow us to provide secure and reliable solutions. Based on two pillars, namely Cost optimization and Performance efficiency we re-design your environment to fit your changing business needs. We are your trusted advisor on the journey from legacy technologies to containerization and serverless computing.

  • IT Operations

    Today’s IT environments are more complex than ever. It is critical for IT Ops to rely on a business partner that have the technical expertise and the agility needed to meet the demands of modern business. IT infrastructure monitoring, insights, automation, and proactive orchestration are key drivers for modern operations to ensure a consistent level of customer service.

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