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Protection & Safety Systems

Protection & Safety Systems

Advanced protection & safety technologies can be utilized at every aspect of customer business in order to increase the total security level.

Protection & Safety Systems

  • Counter Drone Tech Systems

    The use of drone technology has resulted in an increasing demand for reliable counter/anti-drone systems in order to defeat cases of such devices illegal actions. Drone detection systems can successfully detect , identify & track many types of commercial drones and utilize subsystems such us:

    • RF sensors
    • Radars
    • PTZ cameras
    • Jammers Depending on customer needs we are enabling the right mix and mach for the needed solution.

  • Intercom

    Intercom systems are widely used at the security industry as complimentary products. We provide full duplex connection using digital processing of the audio signal with all necessary functionality & features (echo cancelation, disturbance elimination etc.)

  • Microwave & Infrared Sensors

    Usually used for perimeter protection, gates, entryways or rooftops as an additional security protection layer. Such systems can detect walking, running or crawling humans at outdoor environment. Space Hellas can select the right technologies after analyzing area data.

  • Radar Systems

    Radars can provide wide-area detection and object tracking. Using cutting-edge radar technology, we can pinpoint the GPS location of potential intruder and track its route on a digital map. Radars can also activate PTZ or other local to the event cameras in order to receive live image from the event.

    There are several types of radars available such us:

    • Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) Systems
    • Perimeter Surveillance Radars
    • Air Surveillance Radar (ASR) Systems
    • Marine Surveillance Radar (MSR) Systems

  • Fence Detection Systems

    Site / Area Security is of major importance in order to protect company's assets from increasing threats. Different technologies of fence mounted cables can be used per site / customer case based on existing perimeter infrastructure & site conditions. Main advantage is the automatic detection of the exact location of disturbances including cutting, climbing and lifting. Utilizing advanced signal processing, nuisance alarms can be minimized without compromising intrusion detection performance.

  • Metal Detectors

    Today`s security sector requires Metal detectors with the highest operational and functional performance. Space Hellas can support the customer's need's and help them choose the right solution such as Suitable Metal Detection Gates & Handheld detectors.

  • Public Address & Voice Alarm

    High-quality public address and voice alarm & evacuation systems (PA /VA) are essential when dealing with safety needs. Space Hellas designs reliable & highly available PA/VA solutions, EN 5416 certified, including all necessary components such us: loud speakers, amplifiers, controllers, audio distributors, call stations etc. Using specific design tools we can assure the provision of audible messages at adequate volume level of the broadcast. Audibility and clearness of messages depend not only on their absolute volume level but equally on a comparison to the ambient noise.

  • X-Ray Systems

    Millions of people all over the world pass through security checkpoints. To enable this we are offering innovative all-encompassing transmission X-ray technology for personnel security X-ray full body screening for checkpoint inspection . Of major importance is the detection of all types of illegal dangerous substances (guns, drugs, weapons, bombs) including liquid explosives. Solutions include: Simple x-rays devices , mobile x-ray scanners, whole body imagers, bottled liquids scanners, cargo screening devices, post screening devices etc.

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