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Public Sectors

Aviation & Transportation

Aviation industry is nowadays a major parameter in the development of every country. High levels of safety and security are mandatory and state of the art systems are available in order to achieve these goals.

Space Hellas implemented a series of major projects in the frame of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority modernization program, such as:

  • RVR (Runway Visibility Range) for 8 major airports of the country.
  • HACAS”: New switching center of AFTN / CIDIN / AMHS messages. The installed system handles a variety of messages (distress and emergency, security and regularity of flights, meteorological messages, aeronautical information service, aeronautical administrative, ATS Data Exchange Presentation (ADEXP), messages containing File Transfer Body Parts (FTBP) etc.
  • New Voice Communication & Recording System (VCRS). The system is designed to ensure that all types of communications provided by the Tx/Rx transceivers are available and operated continuously at the Controllers workstations. Also, it provides centralized management to support the system's supervision, working positions and re-configuration of its features and/ or capabilities.

Space Hellas implanted as well various projects for Fraport Greece, operator of 14 peripheral airports in Greece, such as:

  • IP Telephony and Data Networks for the 14 regional airports in Greece
  • Integrated Physical Access Control System (PACS) and Video Management system (VMS) for 14 airports in Greece and the HQs’ building
  • Cloud Services.
  • Athens International Airport is also a customer of Space Hellas, including projects related to parking and perimeter security of the facilities.

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