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Business Support Systems / Operations Support Systems

Space Hellas has the knowledge, experience and the corresponding partnerships for offering to Service Providers both Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), in order to:

  • control and efficiently manage their systems
  • charge in real-time

Space Hellas is implementing and delivering turn-key high quality solutions that are fully compliant with the design and functionality requirements as set by our customers. This way, a Service Provider can easily offer their services, perform the necessary changes if needed and charge their customers within the same day.

The Space Hellas B/OSS portfolio consists, among others, of the following products and solutions:

Network Inventory (NI)

A Network Inventory system offers a complete and integrated network view that can be used for automating telecommunication services.

  • Resource Inventory
  • Discovery & Reconsiliation
  • Outside Plant
  • Service Inventory

Main Benefits:

  • Fast design and offer of telecommunication services
  • Faults’ minimization during service delivery
  • Easier troubleshooting of network problems
  • Processes Automation
  • Assist with Business Decision Support
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Detailed asset management


  • Convert multi-format multi-source data into a single unified format
  • Support for almost all protocols (protocol-agnostic)

Fault Management

  • Discover/Isolate/Repair network problems

Performance Management

  • Discover and Report on the performance of the telecom equipments
  • Evaluation and reporting

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

  • Monitoring the experience of customers
  • Customers’ insight experience discovery
  • Segment and profile the customers by experience and behavior
  • Putting the customers at the center of business and technology management

CDR retention

  • CDRs backup and retention complying with the government laws

Service Level Management (SLM)
Measure and manage efficiently the Service Level Agreements and contracts.

  • Service Provisioning (Uptime / Runtime)
  • Event (Discovery, Response)
  • Fault (Recovery)
  • Defined time-based metrics
    • Service delivery
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Customer expectations and satisfaction
    • Return on Investment

Billing (Pricing & Rating)

  • Charging from the service setup stage till the service delivery and use.

Service Setup

  • Define Pricing Policies (Subscriptions, usage-based charges, transaction charges)
  • Create offers, bundle multiple services
  • Create Promotions & Cross-product Discounting
  • Define partner settlement terms
  • Address Demographic targeting

Service Delivery

  • Subscriber & Service Control (Authorization, policy management)
  • Process Pricing Policies
  • Calculate revenue & costs
  • Manage convergent prepaid/postpaid

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