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EKO ELDA (Fleet Management)

Client :


Contracted object :

FLEET MANAGEMENT (tank trucks)


The EKO-ELDA company is a member of the Hellenic Oils Group and active in the trade of oil products both in Greece and abroad. As a matter of fact, EKO-ELDA is active in all aspects of oil products trade, with great success.

Following the merger of EKO SA and ELDA-E, and the buying-out of MAMIDAKIS from EKO-ELDA SA., the company's base of gas stations increased significantly, while its market share in gas supply rose to 18% nationwide. Operating under three trade marks (EKO, Elda and MAMIDAKIS) and supplying over 1,500 gas stations in the country, the company became the leader in marine and air fuel supplies, offering top quality fuel and lubricants. In addition, the company owns a significant number of storage installations and distribution channels that span the entire country.

The main fields of company activities are: gas stations, industrial and commercial sales (top position in the field), aircraft fuel sales, (34% market share in 2001), marine fuel sales (10,050 tones sold in 2001), gas sales, etc.

Aiming to upgrade its fuel services network to gas stations and other major retailers/wholesalers and associates – as well as increase its fleet management performance – the company decided to use a system to track and manage its fleet of vehicles.

The Need

Currently, EKO-ELDA owns 180 tank-trucks, 105 of which are on the move on a daily basis, crisscrossing Southern Greece , including the prefecture of Attica .

Following a study, the client established that it required a more effective and more reliable means to monitor the distribution of its products from the time its tank-trucks cleared from company installations to throughout the day. The company's dispatchers, having wrapped up the day's distribution schedule, received extraordinary fuel requests that had to be met immediately, in which case the nearest to requestor tank-truck had to be identified (in terms of fuel quantities on load) and contacted. Mobile phone communication with the company drivers was not so practical or effective, both in terms of company and customer support increased requirements. In addition, the drivers availed no direct means to contact the company in cases of emergency.

The Solution

This came in the form of an investment by the company. The investment involved an integrated vehicle tracking and fleet management system of SPACENet technology. Space Net offers a unified tracking and fleet management system which can handle all possible contingencies relating to vehicles.

The application proposed to EKO-ELDA was primarily designed to facilitate the task of vehicle routing. It represents a user-friendly environment and operators can easily harvest such information as: exact location of tank-truck, itinerary covered, customers serviced, and continuous auditing of the vehicle (in the event it deviates from route to unauthorized and risky areas). The menu of this application offers route-reporting options, information about clients serviced for periods selected by the operator (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, previous days).

It did not take more than a day's training for the company operators to get sufficient hands-on experience and operate the system effectively by themselves.

The Benefits

Using the vehicle fleet management system, the dispatchers of EKO-ELDA are now in position to: monitor their company's vehicle itineraries, identify vehicle service stops, make route adjustments, provide customers with exact ETA's, become aware of unauthorized stops and, generally, have a very good picture of daily routes. The result is increased company productivity, efficiency and service reliability.

Furthermore, the company's dispatchers are now in position to handle contingent requests from last-minute customers.

The fleet management system currently utilized by EKO-ELDA is an invaluable tool for day-to-day use, capable of managing effectively the entire fleet of the company.

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