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Contracted object : Integrated Pan-Hellenic communications network
Year contracted : 1987-2002

Concise Description of the Project

Since many years ago, the NATIONAL Bank has based its Data Communications Network on Space Hellas' products and know-how.

The development and operation of this network do not constitute a self-existent and individual project under the usual common sense, but a process of continuous development, upgrade, replacement and addition of equipment.

Thus the initial network was based on Statistical Multiplexers and modems of the Motorola company.

In the course of time changes in the technology and design of the network took place, and at the same time a growth in its size is noted.

In 1997 a large integrated data communications network of the bank was configured composed of the Core ATM network and then by 2 cumulation levels (Nodal, Regional) and the edge level.

In the Core network Cisco Systems (former Stratacom TRATACOM) switches have been used.

At the cumulation levels as well as at the edge level, different types of VMS (former Motorola) routers were used.

Until today a lot of additions, changes and upgrades have taken place in the network.

It is important to be stressed that the Core network serves also the interconnection of the bank's telephone exchanges, the interface of which is served partly also by TDM technology with the use of suitable devices of the Rad Data Communications AD.

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