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Company History

Ever since its founding and backed by continuous investments in training and technological equipment, Space Hellas has realized a number of significant projects in Greece and established important strategic partnerships with major firms from abroad. The main milestones in the growth of the company are:

1985: Space Hellas is founded.

1986 – 1995: A decade of continuous development, with emphasis on large, sophisticated networks and major projects that marked the company's place on the market. Online networks for most of the largest corporations and organizations in Greece, among which all major banks – National Bank of Greece, Alphabank, Emporiki Bank, Ergasias Bank, Ktimatiki Bank, Macedonia-Thrace Bank etc. – as well as deployment of the “DIAS” integrated interbanking system. Internetworking for key organizations such as OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization) and ELTA (Hellenic Post), the municipality of Thessaloniki, the police departments of ELAS (Hellenic Police), EKO refineries and retail and supermarket chains, e.g. Sklavenitis supermarkets. Participation in the establishment of Hellascom. Deployment of a countrywide technical support network with branches in Thessaloniki, Patras, Ioannina and Heraklion.

1996 – 1999: Strategic partnership with British Telecom and representative of the Concert international network, providing international communication to a multitude of multinational companies. Founding of a subsidiary company – Spacenet – in the services domain. Networking support for the Athens International Track & Field Championship (IAAF ATHENS '97), cabling and weak currents infrastructure for all the new Athens Metro stations. Networks for DEI (Public Power Corporation), EYDAP (Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company) and KEPYO ( Ministry of Finance Information Processing Centre). Wireless links for Panafon and Telestet mobile telephony providers. Certification to ISO 9001. Founding of SpacePhone in 1998, one of the first four key Cosmote dealers. Launching of commercial activities for the Thessaloniki branch, covering the entire geographic region of Northern Greece.

2000 – 2001: Strategic alliance with the Alphabank Group and Delta Singular, with 20% participation in the capital stock of Space Hellas. Listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Space Hellas participates with a 30% share of Delta Singular Educational (formerly Euroskills). Strategic partnership with Cisco Systems.

2002 – 2005: Among other projects, Space Hellas undertook the network upgrade of the National Bank of Greece, EKO - ELDA, Chipita and Famar, while the Panhellenic Bank assigned the company a task of developing its on-line network. Collaboration between the company and Hewlett Packard and Alcatel. Organisational restructuring of the company in an effort to undertake larger, more complex high-tech projects. New facilities were installed for public and private bodies such as the renovated Athens Hilton and Alpha Bank that entrusted Space Hellas the task of installing its new telecommunications infrastructure. The company developed the largest IP telephony network in the Balkans at the new facilities of Delta Singular in Ag. Stefanos, Attica. Collaboration between Space Hellas and Microsoft. ISO 9001:2000 certification. Complex high-tech projects such as modernisation of the National Meteorological Service for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, development of a security system for the Fakinos Army Camp, as well as the network infrastructure for the NATO HQ in Larissa and numerous infrastructure projects for the 2004 Olympic Games.

2005- today: Space Hellas actively participates in projects relating to banking and the public sector (Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, participation in "Syzefxis"), which exceed 44 million euro. The company undertakes the support of Wind’s network on Greek territory and the development of new technological infrastructure for Crown Hellas Can. Also the development of a modern technological infrastructure for the Thessalonica Gas Supply Company and the modernization of the Network Operations centre of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The company undertakes important work relating to CIU security of information systems, and the security of critical telecommunications infrastructure for Vivodi Telecom. Implementation of the new telecommunications network of Geniki Bank and deployment of the wireless internet project in Syntagma Square. Transfer of Eurobank’s telecommunications systems to its new offices and procurement of infrastructure equipment for development of the e-University services of the Aristotle University of  Thessaloniki. The company undertakes the modernization of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, and implements the new Civil Protection Integrated IT System of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GSCP), as well as "Phillipos", the revolutionary new health network for military hospitals. Space Hellas undertakes the modernization of the CMH’s existing network of collecting meteorological information through the installation of one of the most modern meteorological radar networks in the world. The interurban bus services of Lamia, Larissa, Heraklion, Crete and Kavala assign the implementation of an integrated urban transport management system, including dynamic information for the public and automatic ticket issuing, to Space Hellas. In addition, Space Hellas completes the largest Greek electronic monitoring system for sports facilities and a system for electronic ticketing as well as  season tickets. Establishement of strategic cooperation of Space Hellas with Sun Microsystems, Alvarion and TTI Telecom. SpaceNet, a member of Space Hellas group, merged with Space Hellas through internal reorganization while emphasis was placed on services and applications. In addition, SpacePhone was incorporated as an independent business unit, enabling the company to promote the modern value-added solutions it develops through a robust distribution channel. After a long and successful cooperation with Microsoft, Space Hellas acquires a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner certification. Space Hellas Cyprus Ltd is established and a British Telecom hub is built in Nicosia. The second telecommunications hub of British Telecom starts its operation in Athens.

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