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Brief Presentation of the Project

Space Hellas has taken over the implementation of a Data Transfer Network on behalf of the NFR. The equipment delivered is divided into the one supplied for the setting up of the local network (LAN network) and the one serving the broadband network (WAN network).

The LAN network includes the active equipment required for connecting users ' with the station ' s servers . The WAN network includes equipment ensuring the communication between each station with the Motorway Management Centres (MMC), as well as the Administration Centres with the NRF Headquarters.

In detail , the LAN network includes the Hubs which form the local network and the interface between workstations whether these are located at the block posts of traffic lanes or at the station ' s management centre. The network ' s architecture is based on the fast Ethernet protocol. This is the most advanced and technologically valued technology for implementing local networks. There are two types of Hubs, depending on the type of cable used. More specifically, as regards workstations located on traffic lanes, fiber optics cables are used while at workstations and servers we have opted for twisted pair cables (UTP).

The Hubs supplied have been manufactured by BATM and there are specific models coming from the BFF - XX 02 και BFE - XX 02 series.

Routers, modems and communication lines ensuring the interface of workstations with MMC are part of the WAN network. They also include the corresponding equipment for connecting Management Centers to NRF headquarters.

Routers and Modems suggested for establishing the connections are manufactured by Motorola, (MPR 65 xx and Vanguard 320 Routers, 3460 modems).

Connections are established by means of leased analog lines since these are traditionally more reliable, they do not require considerable time for reestablishing the connection and are most cost effective in cases of large volume of the data that are transmitted at regular intervals.

Due to the lack of the time necessary for calls and the reestablishment of the connection, the whole network becomes on-line meaning that it acquires a technologically flawless form and goes hand in hand with technological breakthroughs and the modern architecture governing the design of broadband networks.

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