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Brief Presentation of the Project

Space Hellas working together with SpaceNet in the context of a larger project was assigned, since April 2002, the restructuring of the bulk of the Office Information Infrastructure of the Thessaloniki Prefectural Authorities – TPA ( in the main complex of buildings, 128, Vassilissis Olgas Avenue as well as on remote Directorates) . TPA' s plan was to carry out a restructuring project in stages both in respect of IT infrastructure ( Servers, Work Stations, Peripherals) and of its Network infrastructure ( Routers, switches etc). Moreover, the project's philosophy was to perform a long term plan mainly aiming at ensuring the availability of the systems and the security of the information transferred.

The specificity of TPA's role related to the continuous introduction of new systems and applications into this Agency has made compulsory not only the implementation of some specific requirements on the working environment pertaining to the effective and secure information management but also to the structure of this environment in order to be utilized by non experienced end users.

Consequently, the project had three main orientations:

Infrastructure Study, Consulting Services – Proposals, Supply and Integration of the necessary Systems and of the Agency's Office Information Center (OIC) Software.

  • Infrastructure Study, Consulting Services – Proposals, Supply and Integration of the necessary Systems and Applications for OIC's interface with the approximately 30 directorates of the Agency within the Thessaloniki Prefecture .
  • Infrastructure Study, Consulting Services – Proposals and Integration of the necessary Safety Systems and Applications within the Agency's whole range of activities.

The solution gradually implemented by Space Hellas within 2002 included:

Office Information Infrastructure:

  • Supplementary constructions added to the Structure Cabling/Infrastructure already in place
  • Computer Room ( Racks, UPS Supply & Installation, Servers to Racks transfer etc)
  • Design of Classification into the Organisation -Wide User & Groups categories as well as of policies and rights for all the Directorates
  • Active Directory Services & LDAP
  • Design & Implementation
  • WINS, DHCP, DNS, PROXY and other services Design and Implementation
  • Servers' Supply, Installation and Parameterization in order to meet the needs of the Active Directory, the Enterprise MAIL Server, the Enterprise PROXY Server within the Enterprise Wide Services Zone (Windows 2000 Server OS, Microsoft Platform)
  • Design and Integration of Email Services with sufficient capacity to cover all the Agency's users & groups (500 users, 30 Directorates), design and application of Email Policies
  • Database Connectivity Redesign and Integration with Users/Groups for third party applications (Protocol, Financial Service, Election and other)
  • Provision of training and specialisation to the Personnel of the IT and Organisation Directorate of the Prefectural Authority of Thessaloniki.

Network Infrastructure:

  • Redesign of the Agency' s Internal Network ( Protocols, Addressing, VLANS etc)
  • Redesign and Execution of IP Addressing, Naming, Routing both on the network systems and the existing Servers
  • Creation of a switched Fast Ethernet local network based on trunk network switched Fast Ethernet based on Gigabit Ethernet technology (the network' equipment is fully compatible with APT' s already installed equipment supplied by Cisco Systems). The VLANs implementation as well as the network's optimisation was carried out in conjunction with the Office Information Center's network applications based on Microsoft technology (DHCP, WINS, DNS, http protocols and other)
  • Supply, installation and parameterization on CISCO Routers with the respective LAN & WAN Cards that are appropriate for this Office Information Centre as well as remote directorates followed by integration of APT' s three internet networks (Otenet, Forthnet, SYZEYXHIS).

Information systems Safety Structures:

  • Drawing up an Organisation-Wide Security Policy
  • Security Hardening on selected Public & Internal Zone Servers
  • Server Supply, installation and Parameterization to meet MAIL Relay & Filtering needs into the Public Access Zone (Clearswift - MailSweeper)
  • The targeted security level pertaining to networks connection is achieved through the design and installation of Equipment and Software of Perimeter Security (Firewall Zones) doubled by Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Supply, installation and integration of an Enterprise Wide Antivirus System centrally managed and possibility of remote deployment & update (F - Secure)
  • Establishment of Infrastructure ensuring Continuous Security Support (Updates, Fixes, briefing, intranet portal development, setting up of a Technical Knowledge Base intended for the personnel of OID, the end users and other).

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