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An Electronic System for the Remote Administration and Management of IT Applications and Security services
3rd CSF
18 months

The project designed, developed and demonstrated an electronic system for the surveillance and prevention of security events which in conjunction with an innovative distributed system for information gathering, distribution and administration, via telecom networks and/or the Internet, will enable private companies and organizations to include in the security portfolio:

  • security auditing 
  • security watch
  • security alerts & advice
  • immediate action in response to security   incidents
  • with a much higher frequency and significantly reduced costs compared to what is required today.

The services offered are in the form of Managed Security Services and are distributed and provided exclusively through an integrated centrally managed entity. The Automated Managed Security Services solution recommends the automation of most of the services and processes required by the security of IT systems, with the incorporation of the results of both the processes and the equipment already existent in the corporations into a technological platform.

The system informs and protects the customers even before the occurrence of an incident. Moreover, it takes immediate action (reaction) in the case where a customer receives a massive attack by monitoring the possible access of the invader into the customer’s network and by automatically informing the customer and a sequence of collaborating systems (e.g. the ISP of both the customer and the invader, selected well-known organizations responsible for dealing with such events, etc), while employing advanced methods  and telecom networks (e.g. SMS messaging, GPRS based alerts, etc)

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