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Digital Museum

Brief Description of the Project

Every city in Greece has rich cultural reserves (monuments, history, folklore, music, natural environment) a large part of which is not promoted. 

In particular, there are many inaccessible monuments and archeological sites, archaeological findings in museum warehouses of other areas, environmental destruction and other factors that
enhance this situation. Based on all the above, the need arises to highlight and promote the monuments of culture and civilization of each site.


The promotion and utilization of our culture is achieved by contemporary ways that attract visitors at a reasonable cost to special and modernized infrastructures.
The target is:

  • The preservation and promotion of cultural heritage
  • Attracting visitors
  • The promotion of learning (school visits)
  • The upgrading of the tourism product - The "tourism of experience"

The idea is to create a new Digital Museum that includes:

  • Video projections (including 3D stereoscopic) 
  • Interactive applications
  • Digital representations in holograms
  • Virtual Reality 
  •  Augmented reality
  • Enrichment of an existing museum with digital exhibits and tour guide systems


Andros Digital Museum

The museum displays the history of Andros through documentaries and interactive applications. It includes 3D projection equipment, interactive tables and holograms.


Anogia Digital Archaeological Information Center 
The project includes the enrichment of the Archaeological Information Center of Anogia with digital exhibits (3D projections and interactive applications) for Ideon Andron and Zominthos, the mythological reports and the history of the excavations in the area.


Zakros Digital Museum
The village of Zakros of the Municipality of Sitia displays the sights of its area in 3D projections and holograms. The gorges, the caves, the water element and the famous Minoan Palace of Kato Zakros, are the main themes of the exhibition.


Digital development of cultural content in Sitia

The digital museum in the city of Sitia includes 3D documentaries and interactive applications that present monuments, archaeological sites and the natural environment of Sitia.


Ierapetra Digital Museum

The project includes the creation of a digital museum with 3D documentaries and interactive applications that present monuments, archaeological sites and the natural environment of Ierapetra.