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PAVET: development of an automated system for issuing tickets at the long distance coach service (KTEL)
18 months

      This project pertains to the development of an immediately applicable and commercially exploitable innovative system for issuing tickets within KTEL coaches . This system is aimed at covering a permanent need of the coach service for automated ticket issuing inside the coaches with the least possible distraction for the driver. The system, taking into consideration the coach service specificities, utilizes state of the art wireless technologies while taking advantage of GPS technology already in use in telematics applications in the coach service. The main feature of the proposed system is its open architecture able to support any requirements for operational extension. its main features are the following:

      Operation Features:

      • Simplification of the ticket issuing processes inside the coaches and passenger embarkation / disembarkation control
      • Focus on providing the quickest possible service to the potential passenger and the least distraction of the driver
      • Unhindered and fast communication between vehicles and Control Stations
      • Easy maintenance and operation
      • Observance of all formal, institutional and practical issues pertaining to this specific activity
      • More effective information provided to the administration on the work performed

      Technical features:

      • Usability of the entire system both for the user and administrator (KTEL)
      • Utilization of possibilities offered by last generation portable terminals (MDTs) both in respect of their programming and their potential interface with other terminals (wire / wireless)
      • GPS system interface and utilization of information on the exact position of the coach and its itinerary
      • Communication through wireless networks (GSM/WLAN)
      • Open Architecture aiming at rendering the whole of the system able to extend to cover any future related need.

      • Space Hellas - coordinator
      • KTEL

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