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SingularLogic, member of SPACE HELLAS Group, undertook the measuring and monitoring energy efficiency project for EKO ABEE with SenseOne's EnergySense solution

EKO ABEE, a member of the HELLENiQ ENERGY Group, assigned SingularLogic, a member of the Space Hellas Group, to implement the measuring and monitoring energy efficiency project of its facility sites and its company-operated fuel stations in support of its ISO 50001: 2018 Energy Management System. 

The project incorporates the study, supply, and installation of the metering equipment in 20 fuel storage-handling facilities and aircraft refuelling stations, its headquarters and 158 fuel stations of the KALYPSO network. Moreover, it includes the configuration and access services to the Cloud IoT Platform that will monitor online the energy profile of the above-described facility sites, the integration services between the Platform and EKO's information systems, and the training services for administrators and users.

SingularLogic, having the overall responsibility to implement the project, will cooperate with Space Hellas to install the metering equipment and with SenseOne, a member of the Space Hellas Group, to monitor the energy profile of the facilities sites with EnergySense solution based on SenseOne IoT Platform.

With this project, EKO ABEE will monitor its photovoltaic systems' power production, fuel stations, and facilities' electricity consumption in real-time. Moreover, by capitalizing on innovation and digital transformation, it aims to extend the EnergySense solution in all its company-operated fuel stations and facility sites as part of the HELLENiQ ENERGY Group's low-carbon and sustainable development strategy.

SingularLogic's implementation experience, know-how and specialization in the fuel and energy sectors, combined with the dynamic synergies and complementarity of the Space Hellas Group of companies, guarantee the successful completion of this multi-dimensional project.

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