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EMISSION: Environmental monitoring integrated system using an IoT network
EPAnEK 2014-2020 – Action "Research-Create-Innovate"
36 months

The aim of EMISSION is to develop an IT platform for the monitoring and recording of atmospheric conditions in urban environments, mainly through a wireless network of sensors that will be supplementing existing infrastructure. EMISSION will use integrated and advanced sensors and applications (web and mobile) and intends to cover ongoing problems or gaps of existing, regulatory monitoring facilities. The project's work packages include requirement analysis of the integrated platform, wireless network sensors development and deployment, design of principles and measurement system specifications, development of basic research guidelines as well as assessment reports in real-world applications. At the same time, the work planned will analyze the topology and architecture appropriate to support these networks and present the capabilities that the user can exploit through the relevant mobile application. Finally, the project includes extensive tests at pilot and operational level for each subsystem, to identify and correct dysfunctions and problems to ensure full compliance with the proposed specifications. The evaluation of the system will be carried out by executing well-defined functional scenarios that will be specially designed.

EMISSION has been co‐financed by the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE - INNOVATE (project code:Τ1EDK-00242)

  •  Space Hellas S.A. (Coordinator) 
  • National Observatory of Athens
  • University of West Attica
  • Draxis Perivalontiki SA

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