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Second Round of investment from Space Hellas in Web-IQ

Space Hellas has completed the second round of its investment in the share capital of the Dutch company Web-IQ B.V., effectively getting its stakes up to 32.28% from 17.21%. The € 1.1m investment was executed through Space Hellas participation in the share capital increase of Web-IQ B.V. At the same time, Web-IQ B.V. has paid back at its totality the € 300K loan by Space Hellas from the previous round.

The technologies developed by Web-IQ allow Companies and Organizations to be timely informed about eminent threats, via intelligent detection and analysis of digital risks, fraud and criminal activities in the open Web and the Darknet utilizing the company's Voyager platform.

The additional capital invested in Web-IQ allows the company to accelerate time to market by developing the next version of the Voyager platform where technologies like Artificial Intelligence will be assisting the process and analysis of content. The platform is already available on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and will be able to extend its availability through more Global Cloud Solution Providers. This will allow the possibility for a global and more automated distribution, in a mid-to-long term basis, of the Web-IQ services to:

Financial organizations (eg Banks, Insurance companies)
Smart Cities (by augmenting their information stack with Safety and Security data but also by detecting digital risks in their digital infrastructures)
Public and private Utility companies and networks, Transportation, etc.
The customers taking advantage of the Web-IQ solutions will be able to act on challenges like KYC (Know Υour Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), detect Insurance fraud, but also monitor their Digital Risk Levels on a daily basis, via the new family of services baring the ORM (Online Risk Monitoring) name.

Today's massive amount of data available on the Open Web and the Dark Web presents a challenge to companies and organizations globally. They are continuously struggling to classify critically meaningful information for their scope of business and separate it from the noise.

So the question becomes : how can cognitive services be used to get the right information in the right hands at the right time, provide a competitive advantage and unlock value from a range of open data sources, both structured and unstructured?

With this investment and by enabling the further Web-IQ development capabilities, Space Hellas is also aiming to provide customized Οn-premise/Cloud Web Intelligence solutions globally.

By combining large-scale web crawler technology for collecting and monitoring clear web and darknet sources with an extensible analysis framework for structuring vast amounts of online data into actionable Intelligence and Insights, wide collections of information can be produced for text, geo and image data, cryptocurrencies etc.

Those solutions can be used for social good on one hand, where they can protect the most vulnerable by helping Public National and Regional agencies to reveal online networks and monitor facts and trends of serious crimes including child abuse and pornography.

On the other hand, those solutions could combine knowledge bases and AI to improve business practices and accelerate productivity and efficiency in specific business areas like CRM systems, Human Resource Management, etc.

The possibilities are endless and the market for Web Intelligence Solutions is not only growing but is also geographically expanding.

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