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Space Hellas "Cisco IoT Specialization Partner Greece-Cyprus-Malta"

Space Hellas is pleased to announce that it has been certified as a "Cisco ΙοΤ Specialization Partner". The company has completed all its role requirements to obtain from Cisco the important certification of "IoT" and is currently the only Cisco partner with this certification in the geographical area of Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

Internet of Things (IoT) technology connects a variety of devices and everyday objects, integrates complex data networks and creates new needs for service delivery through appropriate data management applications. It is one of the most modern technological trends and provides many business opportunities in fields such as industry, utilities, construction, transportation, Smart Cities etc.

The Cisco IoT ecosystem consists of an entire software, applications and devices that offer an integrated solution for every need in the field of IoT. It provides opportunities to automate the functions of an enterprise, ease in the implementation of large-scale networks, and incorporates, specialized and adapted to the Industrial Networking and IoT sector, security mechanisms. In this way, Cisco's solution stands out for the resilience of applications and functions, offers protection against threats and increased security of IoT data, as well as full visibility and control at application level.

Essentially, the IoT solution of Cisco is a bridge between the traditional IT world and the Operations environment of an enterprise. It incorporates Fog Computing technology, offering the ability to run applications at the network edge on devices such as Routers, Switches and Compute Modules, and reducing the load of data transferred to the Cloud, performs the necessary functions near the data source, the IoT sensors. In this way it also increases the response speed of applications in almost real time. Adapted to the needs of the enterprise this solution optimizes its IoT functions and offers the opportunity to create innovative solutions to meet the challenges of each sector.

Space Hellas is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner and has received numerous certifications and specifications, in which it has invested during its long-term co-operation with Cisco. These specifications constitute a competitive advantage for the benefit of its numerous customers. In a rapidly changing world, Space Hellas chooses to invest constantly, aiming to be the first choice for companies that wish to transform, grow, and succeed.

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